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  • amenities of life
  • Away airport : 40km , driving need 30 minutes
  • Your demand is our direction and goal of advancement . to provide you with ever better life enjoyment is our eternal goal
  • Take the full advantage of modern skills and equipment to combine zhoushan based local dishes for all the customers to taste more siaoe foods and enjoy more tastes of siaoe foods
  • As commented by mr david ieong , the director of food and beverage of hong kong convention and exhibition centre , " the new congress restaurant is dedicated to those who enjoy quality of life
  • Shkp has always strived to provide residents with living environments of the highest standards , and at harbour green we are devoted to creating the best environment where residents can enjoy a relaxing home life while staying closely connected to the world
  • During people s life , most of us are affected by sleeping lightly or heavily . pursuing high quality life and keeping healthy body and soul become focus in people s lives ; then , creating best sleeping state becomes people s expectations
  • Sun hung kai real estate agency sales director anita chan said : " hong kong people want more from a luxury lifestyle . the vineyard has tranquil , landscaped environment , and the layouts of the villas reflect these aspirations
  • The spiritual injury in the personal damnification refers to that the victim goes through the body pains , spiritual torture , living enjoyment loss , life shrink , the relative ' s death and so on , because his life right , his heath right and / or his body right are infringed
  • The private balconies and rooftop offer boundless views that busy urbanites dream of . kitchen installations are supplied by top manufacturers including italian binova cabinets and german miele electric appliances , while bathrooms fixtures are supplied by noted european firms like hansgrohe , roca , jacob delafon , rifra , guglielmi and others , to offer residents the ultimate in luxury
    至于單位設備方面,也絕對一絲不? ,廚房及浴室配套設施匯集歐洲殿堂品牌,包括意大利binova廚柜系列及德國名牌miele電器浴室則配備hansgrohe roca jacob delafon rifra及guglielmi等多個著名歐洲品牌,至尊設備為住戶帶來極級豪宅的生活享受,絕對體貼周到。
  • This will be the city s most outstanding luxury villa project , offering the deluxe chateau lifestyle . these two houses feature spacious and functional layouts , which together with extensive outdoor areas will offer residents spectacular green landscapes . the quality of materials used further enriches the ideal designs , giving residents the modern , luxurious lifestyle of their dreams .
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