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  • acute structural imbalance
  • Therefore , the farmers " income grows slowly , the development of agriculture confronts with difficulties and the rural unstable factors emerge
  • The power industry of our country has been in the state of monopolizing all the time because of its natural attribute . the inside structural contradiction is sticking out
  • They include excessively rapid economic growth , acute structural tensions , the inefficient pattern of growth , depletion of resources and environmental degradation , mounting pressure on price and entrenched structural and institutional obstacles
  • During 2003 , the speed of the circumstance of realestate market was keeping increasing . the realestele market developed collectivitily . . but there were some problems in some areas , such as : the investment grew excecdingly fast ; the contradictiuon of structural extruded ; house prices rised unnormally
  • After reform and opening - up in 1979 , a step by step strategy for regional development being carried forward , the medium - sized cities in the eastern and southern regions of sichuan province fell behind the cities in eastern china , in addition , the contradictions of industrial structure featuring the heavy industry being the major part in the industrial structure impeded the development of medium - sized cities in the eastern and southern regions of sichuan province
  • First point is about the problems that private enterprises meet in self - development , including structural conflict of their products , non - standard management , lack of talent and experience in the field of foreign trade , low technical content in products , and hardness to get needed information etc . many private enterprises adopt the behavior of pursuing benefit of short period as export with low price , serve with shoddy tort and so on , all those may disturb the export market and lash the normal trading order . the last one is the restriction factor of external operation environment . as the entrance threshold of foreign trade field is high , resonance like professional association does not play a deserved role , the export encouragement policy of government is unsuitable , the land resource has become increasingly intense , and problems still exist in formulating and implementing of p artial laws and regulations
  • Compared with other resources , talent resources is the most important one , espe cially to economy increasing and society advancing . but it is uneasy to us when we face the situation of talent resources . our research reveals that we have abundant human resources but lacking talent resources it is irregular distribution in area , industry and major and resources runs off seriously
    相對其他資源而言, “人才資源是第一資源” ,在知識經濟時代,對經濟增長、社會發展至關重要,但是我國人才資源現狀不容樂觀:人力資源豐富但人才資源缺乏;人才資源結構性矛盾突出,人才資源在地區、產業、專業分布十分不均;人才資源流失非常嚴重。
  • However , various historical matters lead to the problems such as unreasonable structure and distribution of industries , heavy industrial pollution , obvious structural conflict among high investment , high consumption and heavy pollution , poor benefit , lack of competitive power in technology and production
  • The world economy strids forward to be knowledge , to be information and to be service step by step under the promotion of sci - tech revolution since 1970 " , and structural contradiction is prominent in china ' s economic development ; the implementation of non - equilibrium development strategy of regional economy has promoted the east coastal areas made a leap economic development , while the economic development of west areas is relatively slow , and the gap between east and west is expanding continuosly
  • And the average living space per person and the living conditions have been bettered . however , the vacancy capacity is now increasing at the speed of 10 million ? annual ; and by the end of 2000 , there are still 3 million families whose living spaces are under 4 ? , though the dramatic development of housing market . as a matter of fact , many factors lead to the reality , while the most important one is the structural contradictions between the supplies and demands , and the imperfections between in housing market and housing policies
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