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after delivery中文

用"after delivery"造句"after delivery"怎麼讀
  • 交貨后
  • "after" 中文翻譯:   adv. 在后;繼后;后來。 follow after ...
  • "delivery" 中文翻譯:   n. 1.引渡,交付;【商業】交貨;【法律】正式讓渡。 ...
  • "affection by cold after delivery" 中文翻譯:   產后中風
  • "hemorrhage after delivery of fetus" 中文翻譯:   胎兒娩出后出血
  • "lower fever after delivery" 中文翻譯:   產后低熱
  • "occur after delivery" 中文翻譯:   出現于產后
  • "payment after delivery" 中文翻譯:   發貨后付款; 貨到付款; 交貨后付款
  • "payments after delivery" 中文翻譯:   交貨后付款
  • "delivery" 中文翻譯:   n. 1.引渡,交付;【商業】交貨;【法律】正式讓渡。 2.運送;投遞;傳送。 3.分娩。 4.陳述,講演;口才。 5.【棒球】投球。 6.救助;釋放。 the means of delivery 發射工具。 an express delivery 快信,快件。 the two o'clock delivery 兩點鐘投遞的郵件。 aerial delivery 空投。 easy [difficult] delivery 順[難]產。 a good [poor] delivery 能說會道[笨嘴拙舌]。 delivery book 交貨簿,送貨簿。 delivery of canal 渠道輸水量。 delivery port 輸出港。 delivery on arrival 貨到交付。 delivery on term 定期交付。 take delivery of 收到送貨(The balance will be paid on taking delivery of the machine. 收到機器就付還差額)。
  • "no delivery" 中文翻譯:   未到貨; 未交付
  • "not a delivery" 中文翻譯:   非圓滿交割
  • "after" 中文翻譯:   adv. 在后;繼后;后來。 follow after 跟著。 look before and after 瞻前顧后,前思后想。 soon after 不久。 three days after 三日后。 1.〔表示時間關系〕在…以后(opp. before); 〔美國〕(…點)過(…分)〔 = past〕。 2.〔位置地點〕在…后面 (opp. before)。 3.〔表示次第順序〕位于…之后;(地位、規模、重要性等)次于;(僅)低于。 4.〔表示事件或時間的連續性〕緊挨著;(一個)接(一個);相繼。 5.〔原因〕由于,因為;既然。 6.〔表示讓步關系,介詞受詞前常冠以強義限定詞 all〕雖然,盡管。 7.追求,尋找;追捕〔常與 be, go, run 等詞連用〕。 8.仿照,模仿;依據…(而改寫、命名等)。 9.符合,一致;(很)像。 10.關注,關照。 after four days 四天以后。 after supper 晚飯后。 after school 放學后。 It's twenty after six. 〔美國〕現在是六點二十分。 Shut the door after you when you leave the room. 離開房間時請隨手關門。 A- you, please! 請您先走。 A- you! 您先走! 〔回答前一禮讓語時的用語, you 應重讀〕。 A- you with the paper, please. 您看過這報紙后給我看看。 the largest city after London 僅次于倫敦的一個大城市。 A colonel comes after a general. 上校的地位低于將軍的地位。 Please line up one after another. 請按順序排隊。 day after day 一天又一天。 time after time 再三,常常。 She was very hungry after her long morning walk. 她因為早晨散步很久,所以感到餓得很。 I shall never speak to him after what has happened. 既然發生了這樣的情況,我就永遠不再跟他說話了。 A- all warnings, he persisted. 盡管有各方警告,他仍堅持到底。 A- all my care in packing it the clock arrived broken. 盡管我把這座時鐘小心包裝,可是運來時它還是被損壞了。 John is after you. 約翰在找你。 He is much run after. 他是眾所歡迎的人。 I don't go after fame or money. 我不追名逐利。 The police ran after the burglars. 警察追捕竊賊。 long after home 懷念家鄉。 hunt after novelty 獵奇。 He was named after his uncle. 他是依照叔父的名來命名的。 a play after Shakespeare 模仿莎士比亞的劇作編寫成的劇本。 He takes after his mother. 他的長相和母親一模一樣。 You are a man after my heart. 你這人很合我的心意。 look after one's child 照料孩子。 Somebody asked after you this morning. 今天上午有人打聽你來著。 after all 畢竟;終于(He succeeded after all. 他終于勝利了)。 be after doing 〔英方〕剛…了(I am after having my dinner. 我剛剛吃了晚飯)。 one after another 陸續,相繼,挨次。 one after the other 輪流。 在…后。 He arrived after I did. 他在我到后就到了。 after all is said and done 終歸。 adj. 后,后來的;后面的。 the after results 后果。 in after years 在后來的年月里。 in after life 晚年。 n. 〔英俚〕正餐的最后一道食品(如點心、水果等)。
  • "after that" 中文翻譯:   從這以后(用一般現在時); 然后; 隨之而后; 在那之后; 自那以后
  • "be after" 中文翻譯:   尋找,尋求; 追趕, 尋找
  • "be after a" 中文翻譯:   想得到a); 追求
  • "in after in" 中文翻譯:   指在一段時間之后
  • "on and after" 中文翻譯:   自...起, ...以后
  • "alongside delivery; shipside delivery" 中文翻譯:   船邊提貨
  • "cash on delivery or collection delivery" 中文翻譯:   貨到付款
  • "certificate of delivery and re-delivery" 中文翻譯:   交船賃證; 交船與還船憑證
  • "delivery and taking delivery of tally" 中文翻譯:   理貨交接
  • "prompt delivery; immediate delivery" 中文翻譯:   立即交貨
  • "see after = look after" 中文翻譯:   照顧,尋求
  • "abdominal delivery" 中文翻譯:   剖宮產
  • "accelerate delivery" 中文翻譯:   快遞
  • Chicks reared under natural light are frequently debeaked at 1 day of age or a few days after delivery to the brooder .
  • Do exercise step by step on day 2 after delivery
  • Start breastfeeding early ( within 1 hour after delivery )
    盡早開始喂奶(產后一小時內) 。
  • The baby died four months after delivery
  • Need of two hours nursing service after delivery for lying - in woman
  • After delivery , she will lick each puppy to stimulate its breathing
  • The goods , at all times , after delivery to coca - cola or a transportation company -
  • Results : the mean onset of headache was 3 . 4 days ( range , 2 - 32 days ) after delivery
    結果:產后頭痛平均持續時間為3 . 4天。
  • We refer payment after delivery , because these goods are very expensive
  • . . . the goods , at all times , after delivery to coca - cola or a transportation company - -
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