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arm stretching中文

用"arm stretching"造句"arm stretching"怎麼讀
  • 臂伸直
  • "arm" 中文翻譯:   n. 1.〔pl., 罕 sing.〕 軍械,武器。 2 ...
  • "stretch" 中文翻譯:   vt. 1.伸展,伸出;展開,鋪開,擴張;張,繃,拉直; ...
  • "arm bending and stretching into support" 中文翻譯:   用力慢上成正撐
  • "stretching" 中文翻譯:   繃網; 拉伸; 牽張; 伸長作用; 伸展操,肌肉與韌帶伸長的運動。; 伸展運動; 伸展作業, 鍛伸作業; 延伸
  • "arm" 中文翻譯:   n. 1.臂,【動物;動物學】前肢。 2.【機械工程】(輪)輻;【電學】線擔,支路,支架。 3.臂狀物;衣袖;電唱頭臂;(椅子)扶手。 4.樹枝,枝干。 5.港灣,海灣。 6.力,權力。 7.【棒球】投球能力。 the right arm 右臂;得力的助手。 Justice has long arms. 天網恢恢,疏而不漏。 an arm of the sea 海灣,河口。 the arm of the government 政府的分支機構。 the strong arm of the law 法律的威力。 the arm of a record player 唱機的唱頭臂。 lose one's arm 【棒球】失去投球能力。 arm in arm 臂挽著臂。 by the strong arm 強制地。 chance one's arm 〔英口〕冒險一試。 child in arms 懷抱中的嬰兒。 cost (sb.) an arm and a leg 〔俚語〕使付出一大筆錢。 give one's arm 伸手臂給(同行女人挽);〔比喻〕提攜。 in the arms of Morpheus 進入夢鄉。 keep (sb.) at arm's length 疏遠,不使接近。 make a long arm 伸臂(攫取)。 offer one's arm = give one's arm. put the arm on sb. 向某人討錢;搶劫某人。 take (sb.'s) arms 拉伸出之臂。 take (a child) in one's arms 抱(孩子)。 talk sb.'s arm off 〔俚語〕對某人嘮叨個沒完。 the arm of flesh 人力,人的努力。 twist sb.'s arm 倒扭某人手臂;向某人施加壓力。 throw one's arms around another's neck 摟住脖子。 under the arm 挾在腋下。 with folded arms 兩臂交叉于胸前 (look on with folded arms 袖手旁觀)。 within arm's reach 在左右,近在咫尺。 with open arms 伸開雙手,真心誠意地(歡迎)。 would give one's right arm for 〔口語〕愿意為…付出巨大代價。 n. 1.〔pl., 罕 sing.〕 軍械,武器。 2.〔比喻〕軍事。 3.(步、騎等的)兵種。 4.(盾、旗等上的)紋章。 a man at arms 戰士。 a passage of [at] arms 比武,兩人對打。 a stand of arms (一名士兵的)全副武裝。 deed of arms 戰功。 force of arms 武力,兵力。 small arms 輕兵器(指手槍、步槍、機槍等)。 the suspension of arms 休戰。 appeal to arms 訴諸武力。 bear arms 服兵役。 bred to arms 自幼習武。 by arm 用武力。 carry arms 攜帶武器;服兵役。 go to arms 訴諸武力。 lay down arms 繳械;投降。 Order arms! 槍放下! Pile arms! 架槍! Present arms! 舉槍(敬禮)! rest on one's arms (戰斗中的)暫時休息。 rise in arms 動武,起兵。 Shoulder arms! 槍上肩! take up arms 拿起武器。 To arms! 快拿武器!準備戰斗! turn one's arms against 攻擊。 under arms 1. 備戰。 2. 在服兵役期間。 up in arms 武裝反抗。 vt. 1.供給…武器,武裝(軍隊等)。 2.供給;發給 (with)。 3.打開(雷等)的保險;給…裝上導火線。 4.給…裝甲。 an armed mediation 武裝調解。 I armed my men with guns. 我發槍給部下。 be armed at all points 全身武裝,周身披甲;戒備嚴密。 be armed to the teeth 全副武裝,武裝到牙齒。 be armed with 用…武裝著;裝備著。 be armed with a letter of introduction 帶著介紹信。 vi. 拿起武器,武裝起來。
  • "to arm … with" 中文翻譯:   以裝備
  • "abdominal stretching" 中文翻譯:   腹部抽搐法
  • "active stretching" 中文翻譯:   主動伸展
  • "after stretching" 中文翻譯:   后拉伸
  • "after-stretching" 中文翻譯:   后拉伸
  • "anamorphic stretching" 中文翻譯:   變形伸長
  • "antisymmetric stretching" 中文翻譯:   反對稱伸長
  • "arms stretching" 中文翻譯:   兩臂側上舉
  • "asymmetrical stretching" 中文翻譯:   不對稱伸展度
  • "axial stretching" 中文翻譯:   軸向延伸
  • "ballistic stretching" 中文翻譯:   伸展操的一種。
  • "base stretching" 中文翻譯:   基區擴展效應
  • "bath stretching" 中文翻譯:   水浴拉伸
  • "biaxial stretching" 中文翻譯:   雙向拉伸; 雙軸向拉伸
  • "bond stretching" 中文翻譯:   鍵伸展
  • "centrifugal stretching" 中文翻譯:   離心拉伸
  • "cold stretching" 中文翻譯:   冷拉伸
  • "contrast stretching" 中文翻譯:   對比度擴展; 反差擴展
  • "curling and stretching" 中文翻譯:   轉脅舒足
  • "degree of stretching" 中文翻譯:   拉伸度
  • She lay on her back, with arms stretched in utter weakness by her sides .
  • He strikes a most noble attitude, with one leg shoved forward, and his arms stretched away up, and head tilted back, looking up at the sky…
  • And there i was . with my arms stretched 0ut
  • The glass - cutter had entered , and was feeling his way , his arms stretched out before him
  • He lay as we had left him , on his back , with his eyes open , and one arm stretched out
  • The postures in the diagrams with arm stretching illustrate how to measure roughly the distance between two stars
  • At 3 : 30 in the morning of 5 august , marilyn was found dead , nude on her bed , one arm stretched out towards the telephone
    8月5日凌晨3 : 30 ,人們發現瑪麗蓮已死,赤裸在床上,一只胳膊朝電話方向伸著。
  • She passed by the valet , the smouldering candle flickered up , and she saw clearly prince andrey , lying with his arms stretched out on the quilt , looking just as she had always seen him
  • At koptos in egypt , the bennu bird is depicted with two human arms stretched upwards and outwards toward the star sothis - sirius , which appears in the early sky before the sun rises
  • Considering the restriction of the effective transportation capacity , two - arm stretching mechanism , as a new scheme of deployable arm , is proposed in this thesis and has been primarily designed
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