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business to customer中文

用"business to customer"造句"business to customer" in a sentence"business to customer"怎麼讀
  • 對顧客
  • "business" 中文翻譯:   n. 1.事務,業務;事,事業,行業,工作。 2.實業; ...
  • "customer" 中文翻譯:   n. 1.(經常的)顧客,主顧,客戶,買主。 2.〔口語 ...
  • "business customer" 中文翻譯:   商業用戶
  • "business-to-customer" 中文翻譯:   業務到客戶
  • "no customer no business" 中文翻譯:   就沒有業務; 沒有客戶
  • "b2c business-to-customer" 中文翻譯:   企業對消費者的電子商務
  • "b2c(business to customer" 中文翻譯:   商家對顧客
  • "bcs business customer services" 中文翻譯:   商業用戶業務
  • "business and customer service management" 中文翻譯:   業務和客戶服務流程文件
  • "business customer service" 中文翻譯:   商業用戶業務
  • "business to customer b-c" 中文翻譯:   商戶對顧客商務模式
  • "business to customer (b2c)" 中文翻譯:   企業與消費者間的電子商務
  • "business to customer, b to c" 中文翻譯:   企業對客戶
  • "c2b customer to business" 中文翻譯:   消費者到企業
  • "customer business purpose" 中文翻譯:   客戶業務目的
  • "customer solution business" 中文翻譯:   成為一家專為客戶解決問題的企業
  • "bcpn business customer premises network" 中文翻譯:   商業客戶網; 商業用戶駐地網
  • "customer-oriented e-business system" 中文翻譯:   面向客戶的電子商務系統
  • "customer" 中文翻譯:   n. 1.(經常的)顧客,主顧,客戶,買主。 2.〔口語〕(打交道的)人,家伙;〔pl.〕 〔美口〕觀眾,聽眾。 a queer customer 怪人,好笑的家伙。 a tough customer 粗暴的[難對付的]家伙。
  • "business" 中文翻譯:   n. 1.事務,業務;事,事業,行業,工作。 2.實業;商業,營業,買賣,交易;營業額,交易量;商情。 3.商店,企業,公司;事務所。 4.職責,本分;權利。 5.要事,要務;難事。 6.【戲劇】動作,表情。 7.(會議等的)議程。 business as usual 照常營業。 follow the business of 以…為業。 What line of business is he in 他是干什么的? His business is poultry farming. 他從事養雞業。 hours of business[business hours] 營業[辦公]時間。 do good [a great] business 生意好,賺錢[做大買賣]。 We shut up business at six. 我們六點鐘停止營業。 depression of business商情不景氣。 domestic [foreign] business國內[對外]貿易。 open a business 開店[開業]。 build [set] up a business開店,設商號。 His business is on the corner of Broadway and Elm street. 他的商號設在百老匯和埃爾姆街拐角的地方。 business centre 商業中心。 What a business it is! 實在麻煩!an awkward business麻煩事。 What is your business here 有什么事? It is none of your business. 不關你事,別管閑事。 I have business with him. 我跟他有要緊的事要談。 It's your business to wash the dishes now. 現在該你洗碗碟了。 be doing good business with 和…關系不錯。 business accounting unit 經濟核算單位。 B- before pleasure. 正事要緊。 the business end 〔俚語〕(工具等)起作用的部分,使用[銳利]的一頭 (the business end of a scythe 大鐮刀的刀身。 the business end of a revolver 手槍的槍身)。 B- is business . 公事公辦;生意是生意,交情歸交情。 come [get] to business 動手做事;言歸正傳。 do sb.'s business = do the business for sb. 〔口語〕要某人的命(That much will be enough to do his business. 那就足夠要他的命了。 This will do the business for him. 這會要他的命的)。 enter on [upon] business 開業。 Everybody's business is nobody's business . 人人負責,結果無人負責。 get down to business 認真干起來。 get [give] the business 〔美俚〕(被)粗暴地對待;(被)作弄。 go about one's business 做自己的事;〔常作命令式〕(Go about your business. 去你的,走開)。 go into business 入實業界做生意。 go out of business 停業;改行。 go to business 上班。 Good business! 干得好!妙極了! have no business to do [say] sth. 沒有做[說]某事的權利[道理]。 (You have no business coming into this house. 你沒有進這個屋子的權利。 The weather has no business to be so warm in winter. 冬天的氣候不該這樣暖和)。 know one's business 精通本行。 like nobody's business 〔口語〕特別地。 make business of 以…為業。 make a great business of it 覺得難辦[棘手],甚覺麻煩。 make the business for 了結。 man of business 1. 實業家;事務家。 2. 商業[法律]代理人 (He is a man of business. 他是一個實業家。 He is her man of business. 他是她的商業[法律]代理人)。 mean business (行動、話等)是當真的(I mean business. 我是當真的,不是說笑。 By the fire in his eyes we know that he meant business. 從他憤怒的眼神中,我們看出他不是說著玩的)。 Mind your own business . 不要管閑事。 monkey business 〔美俚〕胡鬧;欺騙。 on business 因公,有事,有要事(No admittance except on business. 非公莫入,閑人免進)。 out of business 破產,失業。 send sb. about his business 趕走某人;辭退[解聘]某人。 stick to one's business 專心做事。 talk business 說正經話,談正經的。 adj. -like 1.事務式的;有條理的。 2.有效的,講究實際的 (a business administration 有效的經營。 He did his work in a business way. 他踏踏實實地工作)。
  • "business this" 中文翻譯:   本周商業
  • "by-business" 中文翻譯:   兼業
  • "in business" 中文翻譯:   經商,經營; 在做買賣; 做生意
  • "on business" 中文翻譯:   出差辦事; 忙于事業; 因工作,因上午; 因公,因事; 因公,公事; 因公事,因公務; 因公有事; 因事,因公; 在出差
  • "s business" 中文翻譯:   個體的企業知識
  • Income model and cost analysis of b2c business to customer e - business enterprises
  • Business to customer , b - c
  • B2c business to customer
  • Supporters said a large proportion of c2c transactions in china were made by b2c ( business to customer ) companies that want to avoid charging taxes
    支持者稱,國內大部分進行c2c交易的是試圖以此逃稅的b2c (企業對客戶)公司。
  • On the theoretical plane , the paper argues that electronic commerce is the prerequisite for the achievement of the chain operation benefit of supermarket ; on the realistic place , it introduces the employment of electronic commerce in the usa ' s wal - mart , japan ' s 7 - 11 and kmart , and beijing ' s fuxing trading center . on one hand , the paper illustrates the importance of electronic commerce to chain supermarkets from both the positive and negative aspects ; on the other hand , it analyses the employment modes of electronic commerce in the chain supermarkets in both china and some foreign countries , and deplores the modes of electronic commerce suited china ' s situation ; in the third part , it puts forward three employment modes of electronic commerce for china ' s chain supermarkets , namely , business to business ( b to b ) , enterprise intranet ( intranet ) and business to customer ( b to c )
    文章在理論方面論述了電子商務是實現超市連鎖經營優勢的必要條件;在實踐應用方面通過介紹美國沃爾瑪、日本7 - 11 、凱瑪特以及我國北京復興商業城電子商務的應用,一方面從正反兩面說明電子商務對連鎖超市的重要性,另一方面對國內外連鎖超市的電子商務應用模式加以分析比較,探索適合我國國情的電子商務模式;本文的第三部分提出我國連鎖超市電子商務的企業對企業( btob ) 、企業內部網( intranet )和企業對消費者( btoc )三種模式。
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