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  • China henan international cooperation group co . ltd . ( abbreviated ad chico ) has begun to face the international market and started its undertaking through arduous effort since its founding
    中國河南國際合作集團有限公司( chico )從誕生之日起,就面向國際市場艱苦創業。
  • This paper starts with analysising the operation benefit of the corporate banking business in bank of china henan branch , and then it puts forward a research issue - it is urgently need to develop marketing in corporate banking field
  • China henan hebi tianli automobile electrical limited company is professional to produce and develop electronic kind of , automobile kind of connector series of products and stamping , stretches , die - casting and note mould etc . mould design and production
  • This building is former building of headquarter of the people ' s bank of china henan branch , and leaved idle for most of rooms and facility after henan branch was merged into shandong branch , most of personnel and business were transferred at jinan
  • China henan heavy industrial factory crushing and screening machines can be divided into three types : fixed , portable and sleign type . the crushing and screening capability can be from 5 tons per hour to 600 tons per hour . the size of crushed product can be from 0 to 80 mm
  • China henan heavy industrial factory crushing and screening machines are reasonable combined with different crushers and have compacted special crossing distribution in their material processing flow design , so that they are small footprinted of fields , high quality in crushed products , low in quarry dust and they will give you high reward for your investment . their advanced electric control panel can assure the whole process discharge smoothly , runing reliable , operation easily and high efficiency in power consumption . we - sjlc can meet customers different needs for material crushing and screening
    砂石料破碎生產線生產能力從5 - 500t h ,成品粒度和產量可根據用戶的不同需要進行組合及配置,可以生產石英砂建筑中的粗中細砂各種規格石子: 0 . 5 - 1 1 - 2 1 - 3 2 - 4 4 - 6 4 - 8等規格,可以破碎鐵礦石鋁礦石青石石灰石花崗巖大理石玄武巖鵝卵石山石河石各種礦石渣玻璃硅石等。
  • It has been rated aaa enterprise for years by the agricultural bank of china henan branch and honored many times by related authorities . dongyuan chemical s main products are dsd acid ( 5 , 000 ts ) , ansd acid ( 1 , 000 ts ) , dnsd acid ( 1 , 500 ts ) , 2 - methyl - 5 - nitrobenzenesulfonic acid ( 1 , 300 ta ) , basic dyes and dye intermediates
  • This paper deeply studied the exterior condition by analysis macro economy , finance environment , finance policy , the inter - bank competition , the effect of enter wto , credit setting , governing law supporting , sums up the integration effect to corporate banking business from the exterior condition . after that , this paper also studied the interior management and operation by analysis marketing propose , strategy combination , risk control , interior framework support , asset quality and vocation fabric . by this method , this paper makes analysis of the problem in corporate banking marketing of bank of china henan branch , and linking the enterprise reconstruction theory and banking reconstruction practice , this paper designs a reconstruction format of actualizing commercial bank marketing - customer manage ment system and gives a good case study
    本文從宏觀經濟、金融環境、金融政策、同業競爭狀況、入世的影響、信用環境、法律環境等方面對河南中行公司業務開展市場營銷的外部環境進行了深入的分析,總結出了各種外部因素對河南中行公司業務的綜合影響;隨后從營銷的計劃及策略組合、風險控制、內部組織保障、資產質量及行業結構等方面對河南中行的內部管理及經營進行了分析,剖析了河南中行公司業務市場營銷中存在的問題,結合企業再造理論與銀行再造的實踐,設計了實施商業銀行市場營銷的可操作性的制度載體再造模式- - - - -客戶經理制,并進行了實證分析。
  • 5 - 600t h series of complete set of equipments for rock crushing sand - making sieving , crushing and screening plants china henan heavy industrial factory crushing and screening machines oonsist of coarse jaw crusher , fine jaw crusher , cone cursher , vibrating screen , and belt conveyers , these machines are of advanced structure , good performance , high reliability such as jaw crusher winned chinese national quality prize , and praised by many customers home and abroad
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