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do by中文

用"do by"造句"do by" in a sentence"do by"怎麼讀"do by"的同義詞
  • 對待
  • "do" 中文翻譯:   n. 【音樂】(全音階的)第一音, do 音。
  • "be to do" 中文翻譯:   側重打算; 側重意志; 打算做; 將要做; 結構含義; 準備干……; 準備做……
  • "do" 中文翻譯:    do1 vt. (did done 陳述語氣第三人稱單數現在式 does ) 1.行,為,作,做,辦,干;盡(義務等),竭(力),擔任,從事。 do one's work 干工作。 do odd jobs 干雜活,打零工。 do business 做買賣。 do washing 洗東西。 Who has done it 這是誰干的? do the host 做主人,當東。 do one's duty 盡義務。 crimes done deliberately 蓄意犯罪。 do a good deed 行善,做好事。 do penance 懺悔。 do one's best = do the best one can 竭盡所能。 do one's worst 搗亂。 What can I do for you 有什么事嗎? 我能幫你干什么嗎? (店員招呼顧客)要買什么嗎? I have much to do to pay my monthly bills. 我應付每月的開支不是容易的。 2.完成,做完。 I have done reading. 我已經看完書了。 You have done it very well. 你做得很好。 Now you've done it. 〔俚語〕這可糟了! 可被你搞壞了! But it was done now, and it could not be helped. 生米已成熟飯,沒有辦法了。 3.給與;帶來,產生;加以,使蒙受。 Too much exercise will do you harm. 運動過度可能有害。 Such a book does credit to the writer. 這樣的書給作者帶來聲譽。 Will you do me a favor 能幫個忙嗎? It doesn't do any good. 這不會有什么好處。 do homage to 對…表敬意。 do sb. justice 為某人說公平話;不虧待某人。 4.處理;修理;收拾(房間等);洗;整(容);預備(功課);解答(問題)。 do the dishes 洗碗碟。 do one's face 整容,化妝。 do the flowers 把花擺設好。 do one's hair 梳頭發,做頭發。 do the room [kitchen]收拾房間[廚房]。 do one's homework 做作業,做功課。 do English 學英語,做英語作業。 5.翻譯;改寫;創作;抄,謄寫。 do a Latin passage into Chinese 把一段拉丁文譯成中文。 do a poem into prose 把詩改寫成散文。 She does oil portraits. 她創作油畫肖像。 I have to do ten copies 我得抄十份。 6.訪問,游覽,參觀,逛。 They did London in five days. 他們花五天時間游覽倫敦。 do the sights游覽名勝。 7.適合,對…合宜,對…夠用。 That would do me very well. 那對我很適合,那好極啦。 Ten dollars will do me. 十美元就夠我用了。 Will this chair do you 這椅子行嗎? 8. 走過,跑過,跋涉。 He did 20 miles a day on foot. 他一天走了二十英里。 9.扮演;上演;〔口語〕裝出〔一般接 the + 形容詞〕。 do Hamlet 扮演哈姆雷特。 We did Othello 我們演出《奧賽羅》。 do the amiable 裝得和藹可親的樣子。 do the big 充好漢。 10.煮,煎,燒。 do the meat thoroughly 把肉煮透。 steak done to a turn 牛排煎得很好。 11.〔俚語〕欺騙;打敗。 I'm afraid (that) you've been done. 我恐怕你已經受騙了。 be done for $ 500 at poker 賭牌時被騙去500元。 That does me. 那要叫我認輸了。 12.〔俚語〕待,對待;招待,款待。 do sb. well 優待某人;款待某人。 “I will do you next, please wait a minute.” “請稍等一下,接著就輪到你了。 ” 〔理發師對顧客說的話〕。 do oneself well [proud] 生活闊綽,養尊處優。 13.〔口語〕使疲勞。 The long journey has done him. 長途旅行使他疲勞不堪。 14.〔口語〕處置;〔口語〕殺死。 If you stir, I will do you. 〔俚語〕 你要是動,我就干[殺]掉你。 15.〔口語〕服(刑);做滿(任期)。 do five years for forgery 因犯偽造罪服刑5年。 do a year as chairman of the club 任俱樂部主席一年。 16.為(小說等)寫評論。 do the fiction for a newspaper 專門為一家報紙寫小說評論。 vi. 1. 做,行動,工作;進行;行事,表現。 Let us be up and do-ing. 打起精神來工作吧! do like a gentleman 做事正派。 When at [in] Rome, do as the Romans do. 入鄉隨俗。 He is doing very well at the Bar. 他在律師界干的不錯。 How shall we do for the great cost 我們怎么應付得了如此龐大的開支! do without an automobile 在沒有汽車的情況下湊合著干。 2. 〔口語〕發生。 There is nothing doing!沒有發生什么事。 What's do-ing at the office 辦公室里出什么事了? 3. 行,可以,適合,合用(for) 夠了。 This will never do. 這不中用,這個不行。 Any time will do. 什么時候都行。 This sum will do for the present. 這筆錢暫時夠用了。 It would never do to neglect official obligations. 玩忽職守是絕對不行的。 That will do. 那就好了,夠了。 These shoes won't do for mountaineering. 這些鞋子不適合爬山。 4. (植物等)生長,(健康等)進展。 Mother and child are doing fine. 母親和孩子的身體都很好。 Flax does well after wheat. 收過小麥以后,亞麻長得不錯。 5. 辦完,結束。 After she had done in the kitchen, she went out. 她在廚房干完活以后就出去了。 His work is never done. 他總是不把事情做完。 It is done. 做完了。 be done with 與…分手,結束 (I'm quite done with the girl. 我和那個姑娘的關系徹底結束了)。 can do with 將就,勉強能對付 (Can you do with cold mutton for lunch 你能湊合著吃點冷羊肉當午飯嗎? I can do with two meals a day. 我一天只吃兩頓飯也可以)。 could do with 需要,希望得到 (I could do with a good rest. 我希望好好休息一下。 You could do with a shave. 你需要刮刮臉了)。 do away with 1. 除去,廢除。 2. 干掉,殺死 (Trivial formalities have to be done away with. 繁文縟節必須廢除。 do away with oneself 自殺。 suspected of having done away with sb. 有殺死某人的嫌疑)。 do by 對待,待 (He does well by a friend. 他對朋友很好。 Do as you would be done by. 你愿意別人怎樣待你,你就怎樣待別人)。 do for 1. 〔口語〕殺死,除掉;毀掉,壞掉;累垮 (Once you are unemployed, you are done for. 一旦失業,你就完了。 It was the shot that did for him. 那顆子彈要了他的命)。 2. 適合做 (You won't do for a lawyer. 你不適合當律師)。 3. 〔英國〕照料(家務),照顧,幫助 (She does for her brother. 她給弟弟管家)。 do in 〔俚語〕 1. 殺死,害死。 2. 損壞,累垮。 3. 欺騙 (do oneself in 自殺。 do one's car in 車子壞了。 be done in by the heat 熱壞了。 You'd better watch out, or you'll be getting done in. 你得當心點,不然會受騙)。 do it all 〔美俚〕服無期徒刑。 do one's thing 做自己喜歡做的事。 do one's bit 見 bit 條。 do one's damnedest 〔俚語〕苦干,拼命干。 do off 〔古語〕脫 (do off one's clothes 脫衣)。 do or die 干到底,決一死戰,死而后已。 do out 打掃,收拾 (do out a room 收拾屋子)。 do sb. out of 1. 驅逐某人。 2. 欺騙某人 (He did me out of the job. 他把我解雇了。 She did me out of several hundred dollars. 她騙去了我幾百元)。 do over 1. 重做,改做。 2. 重新裝飾(房屋等)(do a room over 重新裝飾房間)。 do sb. pround 使某人感到榮幸。 do time 服徒刑 (It's hard to get a decent job once you've done time. 一旦坐過牢,想再找個好工作就不那么容易了)。 do to 對待,處置 (do to death 〔古語〕處死)。 do unto 〔古語〕 = do to. do up 1. 包;捆 (do up a parcel 包包裹)。 2. 扣,結扎 (do up one's hair 扎好頭發。 do up one's dress 扣上衣服)。 3. 整頓,修理,修飾;洗 (do up one's shirts 洗襯衫。 have one's house done up 收拾屋子)。 4. 〔口語〕使累垮,使極疲勞 (be done up with teaching all day 教一天書下來累得要命)。 5. 穿,打扮 (The waitresses are all done up in costumes. 女服務員都穿著制服)。 do well 1. 處置得當。 2. (病人等)情況好;成功,發達;順遂;成績好。 3. (植物)長得好 (He did well to refuse. 他拒絕得好)。 do with 1. 滿足于,忍耐 (You must do with what you've got. 你必須知足。 I can't do with his insolence. 我忍受不了他的侮辱)。 2. 與…相處 (It's difficult to do with her. 和她不易相處)。 3. 處置,對付 (What shall I do with a man like that 怎樣對付這樣一種人呢?)。 do without 省去,無需 (The store hasn't any, so you'll have to do without. 店里沒有,所以你就得將就一些了)。 Have done! 停止!結束! have done with 1. 辦完,用完 (Have you done with the pen 你用好那支筆了嗎?) 2. 已和…無關,和…斷絕關系 (I have done with her. 我已和她斷絕關系了)。 have to do with 和…有關系 (Smoking has a great deal to do with lung cancer. 吸煙和肺癌有很大關系。 have nothing to do with 和…無關系)。 How do you do 您好〔被介紹時及別后重見打招呼時用語〕。 make do with 將就,湊合著用 (She can't afford a new coat and so will have to make do with the old one. 她買不起新外衣,只能湊合著用舊的了。 用來避免動詞的重復。 Use a book as a bee does (= uses) flowers. 像蜜蜂利用花一樣地利用書吧。 Did you see him Yes, I did (= saw him). 你看見他了嗎?嗯,看見了。 So do I. 我也是,我也如此 (You smoke sometimes, so do I. 你有時吸煙,我也如此)。 So I do. 是的,不錯 (You smoke sometimes. - So I do. 你有時吸煙吧。 --是的)。 1. 〔構成疑問句〕。 Do you go 你去嗎? Did you go 你去了嗎? 2. 〔與 not 連用構成否定句〕。 I did not [didn't] go. 我沒有去。 I do not [don't] know. 我不知道。 3. 〔用于加強語氣和倒裝語序的句中〕。 I do think so. 我的確是這樣想的。 He did come. 他的確來過了。 Well do I remember it. 那我是記得一清二楚。 Never did I see such a thing. 我從來沒有見過那樣一種東西。 4. 〔命令和勸告〕。 Do not [don't] tell a lie. 莫撒謊。 Do come. 請一定來。 Do be quiet. 務請肅靜! n. (pl. dos, do's ) 1.要求做到的事。 2.〔俚語〕騙局,欺騙。 3.〔英口〕宴會;慶祝會。 4.〔英軍俚〕交戰。 5.〔罕用語〕 〔pl.〕 處置;行動;〔英方〕騷動。 6.成功。 7.〔 pl.〕分配。 It's all a do. 這全是欺騙。 It was a tricky do. 這是一個狡猾的騙局。 We've got a do tonight. 家里今晚請客。 make a do of it 獲得成功。 Fair do's! 公平分配! do one's do 做能做的事。 dos and don'ts 善惡好歹;注意事項;習慣;規章制度 (Observe the following dos and don'ts. 請遵守下列注意事項)。 n. 【音樂】(全音階的)第一音, do 音。
  • "do for" 中文翻譯:   對...有效, 代替; 對…有效;照應; 可作…用; 適用于; 照料,設法做到
  • "do it" 中文翻譯:   獲得成功; 去做吧; 做,就對了
  • "do no" 中文翻譯:   “小便”是說; 是小孩子的說法
  • "do not" 中文翻譯:   不可以
  • "do that" 中文翻譯:   使得
  • "do the will of" 中文翻譯:   服從
  • "do with" 中文翻譯:   常和; 處理,需要; 處理處置; 處理,需要,想,將就用; 處理,對付; 處理;忍受; 處置;對付; 兌付,處置; 和…有點關系; 利用; 涉及到; 意思相近,但; 用……湊和; 有…就滿足; 與...相處, 忍受, 對付; 與…相處;忍受;對付
  • "that will do" 中文翻譯:   行了
  • "to do" 中文翻譯:   表示主動意思; 熱望,極想
  • "to do with" 中文翻譯:   對待
  • "to-do" 中文翻譯:   n. (pl. to-dos) 〔口語〕吵鬧,騷擾;混亂。 make a terrible to-do about losing sb.'s luggage 因某人丟了行李而鬧得天翻地覆。
  • "be sure to do = be certain to do" 中文翻譯:   務必做…
  • "be to do be going to do" 中文翻譯:   這個短語與
  • "be willing to do = like to do" 中文翻譯:   愿意
  • "birds do it, bees do it" 中文翻譯:   性生活
  • "but i do do feel" 中文翻譯:   但是我真的真的感到; 但我敢肯定; 但我真的感覺到; 但我知道
  • "do as others do" 中文翻譯:   隨群
  • "do as the romans do" 中文翻譯:   入境隨俗
  • "do i do" 中文翻譯:   心亂飛
  • "do i do i" 中文翻譯:   心亂飛
  • "do in rome as the romans do" 中文翻譯:   入國問禁,入鄉隨俗; 入境隨俗; 入鄉隨俗
  • "do not have to do" 中文翻譯:   沒必要做
  • What is done has to be done by human beings ..
  • They find it is not to be done by force .
  • Do unto others as you would be done by .
  • Work done by machines has replaced manual labor .
  • What are you thinking of doing by way of a holiday this year ?
  • The work of calculating wages can be done by a computer .
  • Everything could be done by telephone from washington .
  • Everything that is done in the world is done by hope .
  • This can be done by removing some of the simplifications .
  • All skilled welding and fitting was done by regular employees .
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用"do by"造句  
  • interact in a certain way; "Do right by her"; "Treat him with caution, please"; "Handle the press reporters gently"
    同義詞:treat, handle,

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