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用"habitant"造句"habitant" in a sentence"habitant"怎麼讀"habitant"的同義詞


  • n.
    1. 講法語的加拿大人(又指魁北克鄉村地區講法語的居民)。
    2. 美國路易斯安那州的法裔農民。


  • In october 2001 , hangzhou was selected for the habitant scroll of honour award by united nations center for human settlement
  • The local people who live in ushuaia have the second highest income per habitant , almost the same level of wealth as in buenos aires city
  • Question1 : with the gradual improvement of construction in habitant community , security guard has become more and more professional occupation . do you agree on it
    問題1 :隨著居住小區建設的逐步改善,保安越來越成為個專門的職業了。你同意這種看法嗎?
  • This article discusses the theoretical conception of i shan - shui cityi from the demanding of natural envi roment and surroundings of in habitant of age of art in the future
  • The project ppta team thinks there is great potential to develop sustainable forest utility models such as analog forests , and to restore natural habitant in the en situ area
  • This thesis gives some research on chongqing city ' s population data by several models , which reveals the population problem . the last chapter analyzes the temporary habitant population by the statistics methods
  • Through , there are so many differences , they should all be called local government or grass roots level government . and because they usually provide the similar public services to their habitant , some experience of foreign local government in construction of their system of tax distribution will surely benefit us
  • In typical watershed , quxi watershed , the result of external forcing , submerge and migrant , is the resource change of slope cultivated lands , economical forest , vegetation , water , habitant etc . of the ecosystem , and the changes of demand for food supplies , energy resource and education
    移民區典型小流域? ?曲溪小流域,受淹沒、移民2個驅動力的作用,耕地、經濟林、植被、水、棲息地等資源發生了顯著變化,系統的糧食、能源、教育需求也隨之而變,在內在反饋機制的作用下,導致系統輸出為水土流失加劇、生物多樣性受到破壞、土地退化嚴重等。
  • The green environment of blue sky and crystal water , beautiful scenery , warm and humid climate , fresh and clear air , profound historic culture , well - known yangzhou table delicacies , complete commercial and habitant facilities and careful health service have made gaoyou an ideal city for starting a undertaking , studying and living
  • From transportation planning , forestation and water body organization , outdoor setting designing to room dimensions , spatial order arrangement , function designing , possibility of transformation and habitant participation , the principle of pro - human should be implemented through out all the procedures
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