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  • 哈夫迪奇
  • "havdrup" 中文翻譯 :    豪德魯普
  • "havdhem" 中文翻譯 :    哈夫德海姆
  • "have" 中文翻譯 :    vt. 1.有,持有,具有,含有。 How much money do you have? 你有多少錢? How many days have May 五月有幾天? I had no news of him. 我沒有他的消息。 2.知道,了解,懂得。 She has your idea. 她了解你的意思。 He has only a little Latin. 他只懂一點點拉丁文。 You have me, have you not 曉得了嗎,怎么樣? 〔出自莎士比亞 Hamlet〕。 H- you got [Do you have] any idea where he lives 你知道他住在哪里嗎? 3. 吃;喝;吸(煙);洗(澡)。 Will you have a cigarette 抽一支煙吧? Have some food 吃點東西。 Have some water 喝點水。 What will you have? 你要吃甚么? Have a bath 洗澡。 4.受,拿,取得。 May I have this one 我能拿這個嗎? She's had three letters from her friend. 她已經收到朋友的三封來信。 Have a lesson 受教。 5.接受,忍受,容許〔多用于否定句〕。 I won't have it. 我受不了。 6.體驗;享受;經受,遭受,碰到。 Have a bad headache 頭痛得厲害。 We had a pleasant holiday. 我們假日玩得很痛快。 7.使[讓、叫]某人做某事〔做某事用不帶 to 的不定式來表示〕。 H- him come early. 讓他早點來。 8.使[在]某方面出現某狀態〔某狀態多用過去分詞等結構來表示〕。 Have one's hair cut (請人)理發。 I had my purse stolen. 我的錢包被人偷掉了。 9.從事,進行;作(某事)。 Shall we have a swim 我們游泳嗎? 10. 表明,說,主張。 As Mr. Jones has it 據瓊斯先生所說。 11.〔和帶 to 的不定式連用〕必須,不得不。 Man has to eat. 人要吃飯。 12.顯示,表現。 Have no fear 不怕。 Have the courage to do sth. 顯示出敢做某事的勇氣。 13.〔英俚〕欺騙;〔口語〕打敗,勝過, I have been had. 我受騙了。 You've no reply to that he has you here. 你對此一言不答,你在這里是認輸了。 14.生育。Have a baby 生孩子。 ★ (a) 1. 和 2. 義在否定句與疑問句中,在英國通常不用助動詞 do, 用 3. - 8. 義造句時通常用 do 但有時也可用兩種構造而意義不變: Had you any rain during your journey 你路上遇到雨嗎? 有時意義稍有不同: H- you time to do it 你(現在)有時間做它嗎? Do you have much time for your work 你工作的時間(經常)很多嗎? (b) 11. 義在否定句與疑問句中,有時可用 do, 有時可不用 do: H- you to do this (= Must you do this) Do you have to do this 〔美國〕你非做這事不可嗎? 〔英國〕你經常都得做這事嗎? ? Have + noun 通常等于同一義的動詞: have a dance = dance (跳舞); have a dream = dream (做夢); have a drink = drink (喝)。 Have a smoke = smoke (抽煙)。 (d) 3. 5. 9. 義在翻譯時,須變通運用: have a talk 談一談。 Have a try 試一試。 Have a class 上課。 Have a meeting 開會。 Have a game 玩一盤。 Have hospitable entertainment 受到厚待。 I won't have it. 我(忍)受不了。 Have a cold 感冒。 Have a fever 發燒。 1.〔現在完成式〕 I have [I've] written it. 我把它寫完了。 He has [He's] gone. 他去了。 I have [I've] been there. 我去過那里。 H- you done it 你做完那件事了嗎? Yes, I have. 是,做完了。 No, I haven't. 不,還沒有完。 He has not [hasn't] gone there. 他還沒有到那里去。 Hasn't he gone yet 他還沒去嗎? No, he hasn't. 是,還沒去。 2.〔過去完成式〕 I had [I'd] finished my breakfast when he came. 他來的時候我已經吃過早飯了。 Had he done it 他(那時)已經把那事做好了嗎? Yes, he had. 是的,已經做好了。 No, he hadn't. 不,還沒有。 3.〔未來完成式〕 I shall have read it by the time you turn up tomorrow morning. 你明早來時我就念完了。 4.〔表示假設語氣〕 If it had not been (= Had it not been) for …要不是因為[幸而有]…。 或 Had I (= If I had) only known it, … 只要我曉得的話…。 5.〔與 got 連用,成 have got, 主英口,意為“有”= have〕 I've [haven't] got it. 我[沒]有。H- you got any 你有嗎? ★(1)與過去分詞結合構成完成式;這時 have,has, had 等通常發弱音。 (2)英國用完成式的地方,美國則常單用過去式: I just got here (= I have just got here). 我剛到。 Have a bad time 很倒霉。 Have a bun on 〔美國〕喝醉。 Have a good time 過得快樂。 Have and hold 【法律】保有,永遠領有。 Have at 襲擊;譴責。 H- done! 停止! Have everything one's own way 樣樣照自己的意思做;為所欲為。 Have had it 〔俚語〕 1. 吃夠了苦,受到致命打擊。 2. (人)已過時。 3. 無希望,命已注定。 Have it 1. 勝利。 2. 〔口語〕被打,挨罵。 3. 說,主張。 (The ayes [noes] have it. 贊成[反對]的占多數。 Let him have it. 讓他倒霉去。 Rumour has it that … 有謠言說…;傳聞…。 He will have it that … 他堅持說,他硬說…)。 Have it (all) over sb. 勝過某人。 Have it coming 〔美口〕活該倒霉。 Have it in for sb. 〔口語〕對某人懷有仇恨,想對某人報仇。 Have it on sb. 〔美國〕比(某人)強,勝過(某人)。 Have it out 達成諒解;解決掉;得出結果。 Have it out of sb. 對某人報仇;使某人受罰。 Have it out with sb. 與某人較量以解決爭端;與某人決一雌雄;同某人講明白。 Have much to do with 與…很有關系,與…有許多共同之處。 Have nothing for it but 只得,只好;唯有。 Have nothing to do with 與…毫無關系,與…并無共同之處。 Have on 1. 穿著;戴著。 2. 有事,有約會;計劃做。 3. 〔口語〕欺瞞,騙,使人上鉤。 Have one's eye on … 注意,注視。 Have one's sleep out 睡夠。 Have only to … to … 只要…就能… (You have only to go on and then turn right to find the store. 你只要往前走,再向右拐,就能找到那店)。 Have (got) sb. (stone) cold 〔俚語〕擊敗某人,控制某人。 Have sb. Down 請某人到鄉下作客。 Have sb. In 1. 請某人來家。 2. 叫某人來家干活。 Have sb. On toast 〔英俚〕騙。 Have sb. Up 1. 請某人到城市作客。 2. 對某人起訴,控告某人。 Have sth. Back 收回某物,把某物要回去。 Have sth. In 屋里備有某物。 Have sth. Out 把某物弄出來 (have a tooth out 拔掉一顆牙)。 Have to do with 同…有關系。 Let sb. Have it. 〔俚語〕 1. 懲罰某人。 2. 和某人講明自己對他的看法。 n. 1.〔常 pl.〕〔口語〕有產者,有錢人;(天然資源多的)富國。 2.〔英俚〕欺騙,詐騙。 the haves and the have-nots 有錢人和窮人;富國和窮國。
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