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la plata中文

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  • 拉普拉塔〔阿根廷港市〕。


  • Via de la plata
  • The capital and largest city of uruguay , in the southern part of the country on the r o de la plata estuary
  • The first seminar was held in la plata city , in response to a request from a sincere local spiritual seeker
    第一場講座是應一位誠心求法的女士請求,于拉普拉大市la plata舉行。
  • Buenos aires , a orillas del r o de la plata , es una de las ciudades m s pobladas del mundo ( m s de 12 millones de habitantes )
    布宜諾斯艾利斯位于拉普拉塔河畔,是世界上人口最多的城市之一(超過一千兩百萬居民) 。
  • After coming across one of master s fliers in buenos aires , she felt so inspired to know more about master s teachings that she offered us a venue in la plata to hold a video seminar , and invited numerous friends
  • In addition to their artistic interest , these missions are a reminder of the jesuits ' christianization of the rio de la plata basin in the 17th and 18th centuries , with the accompanying social and economic initiatives
  • Lead author zulma gasparini of argentina ' s national university of la plata said the " animal ' s anatomy is really a contrast with that of the other sea crocs that developed during the jurassic , " about 135 million years ago
    研究報告主要撰寫人阿根廷國立大學的祖瑪蓋斯帕里尼也表示,這種巨鱷的身體結構和那些生活在約1 . 35億年前侏羅紀時期的其它海洋鱷魚有著很大的差異。
  • Professor at the university of buenos aires ( argentina ) and the national university of la plata ( argentina ) secretary of the pre - legislative commission for the amendment the argentine civil code of 1998 ; advisor of the commission for the amendment of the civil code of puerto rico
    阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯大學和拉普拉塔國立大學教授; 1998年阿根廷民法典修正案預備立法委員會秘書;波多黎各民法典修正案委員會顧問。
  • But my thoughts were a little suspended , when i had a serious discourse with the spaniard , and when i understood that there were sixteen more of his countrymen and portuguese , who having been cast away , and made their escape to that side , liv d there at peace indeed with the savages , but were very sore put to it for necessaries , and indeed for life : i ask d him all the particulars of their voyage , and found they were a spanish ship bound from the rio de la plata to the havana , being directed to leave their loading there , which was chiefly hides and silver , and to bring back what european goods they could meet with there ; that they had five portuguese seamen on board , who they took out of another wreck ; that five of their own men were drowned when the first ship was lost , and that these escaped thro infinite dangers and hazards , and arriv d almost starv d on the cannibal coast , where they expected to have been devour d every moment
  • Had the stern of the ship been fix d , and the forepart broken off , i am perswaded i might have made a good voyage ; for by what i found in these two chests , i had room to suppose , the ship had a great deal of wealth on board ; and if i may guess by the course she steer d , she must have been bound from the buenos ayres , or the rio de la plata , in the south part of america , beyond the brasils , to the havana , in the gulph of mexico , and so perhaps to spain : she had no doubt a great treasure in her ; but of no use at that time to any body ; and what became of the rest of her people , i then knew not
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