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  • 測井參數
  • Petrophysics software package has been used to quantitative analyzing of the logging parameter of non - sandstone between salt beds , hence to develop logging evaluation method and obtained a satisfied result in practice
    此外,還要輔之以“ p包”等多種解釋軟件實現鹽間非砂巖儲層參數的測井定量解釋,以形成江漢鹽湖盆地鹽間非砂巖儲層的測井評價方法。
  • 7 ) fractures belong to a complex geologic body with non - linear effect on reservoir ( s ) . well log parameters vs fractural development is also non - linear , hence , multi - parameter evaluation is adopted as necessary . the individual parameter evaluation is effectively employed for local part rather than for whole area
  • If your server computer is running windows server 2003 , you can improve the security of your application by securing the event log and by setting event - log parameters regarding the size , retention , and so on to prevent an indirect denial of service attack against the event log
    如果服務器計算機運行的是windows server 2003 ,則可通過保證事件日志的安全,以及設置有關事件日志的大小、保留時間等參數,來防止對事件日志的間接拒絕服務攻擊,從而提高應用程序的安全性。
  • The comprehensive geological characteristic has been fully studied in this paper . on the basis of this , closely combining production practice , the favorable gas developing regions have been determined with the methods of sedimentary facies and combination of generation , reservoir and caprock , and logging parameters interpretation maps and regression formulas have been established with logging data , as well as reprocessing , interpretation and identification of gas reservoir have been done with computer . integrating the information and results of geology , logging , testing and geophysics , the gas reservoir distribution regularity of structure of no . 1 sebei has been described and reserves in place of no . 1 ' sebei gas field have been recalculated , which have provided a basis for next step of development in research area
  • The paper gathered deep layers well logging materiak record well materiak core and cutting material of 27 wells in the daqing district , recognized the different type of igneous rock according to their log response feature , and made a large number of cross plot , then carefully chose several of them which works better igneous rock lithology recognition . made pattern recognition procedure using computer to recognize lithology , synthetical many logging parameter to identify igneous rock lithology . and then on the basis of recognizing lithology , the paper analyzed the lithofacies recognition law in this district
  • This essay adopts the neural network and some parameters regression analysis to set up the some logging parameters prediction model of the rock drillability , then gets the continuous drillability classification value of single well formation . and deduces the theoretic relation of the formation pore pressure and the rock drillability creatively
  • 4 . the relationship of four properties : lithology , electrical property , physical property and oil bearing property was determined through the reinterpretation of logging data . logging parameter interpretation model and judgment criteria of oil , water and gas layers were formed , thus improved the precision of logging interpretation
    4 .通過測井資料的二次解釋評價,確定了新齊14井區“巖性、電性、物性、含油性”之間的關系,建立了測井參數解釋模型及新齊14井區油氣水層判別標準,提高了測井解釋精度。
  • " utilization of multi - attribute transformation in predicting well logging parameter " has transcended many traditional methods of reservoir research in many aspects , and possessing many outstanding technology superiority , which are showed below : ( 1 ) it takes new technology thought - " date - driven law " as the guidance , and inherits and synthesizes forefathers successful technology formed in many years . ( 2 ) ' it directly calculates the well logging parameter by way of the multiple attribute transformation , rather than by way of the sound impedance , like the porosity , while the way before is to make further estimates of the sound impedance from the seismic inversion result so that the result suffers the influence of many factors . ( 3 ) the usefulness of the seismic attribute is drawn from the seismic data , rather than the traditional poststack seismic data after nonlinear a transformation
    “ ;利用多屬性變換預測測井參數”在很多方面超出了傳統意義上的儲層研究方法,具有突出的技術優勢,表現在: ( 1 )它以新的技術思想? ? “數據驅動法”為指導,繼承并綜合利用了前人多年來形成的成功技術: ( 2 )它是直接通過多屬性變換預測測井參數,而不是通過聲波阻抗,如空隙度,以往的做法是從地震反演結果中的聲波阻抗做進一步的模擬估算,其結果受到諸多因素的影響; ( 3 )所用到地震屬性是從地震數據中提取的,而不是傳統的迭后地震數據本身。
  • After evaluated the cap layers of this well field quantitatively by different kinds of logging parameters and evaluation methods , it is founded that by introducing the analyses viewpoint and technology of reservoir - seal combination into logging interpretation , oil / gas layers and water layers can be distinguished exactly . this approach is very useful in searching of exploitability hydrocarbon - bearing reservoir
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