1. Once finished, it became the third bridge that crossed the river and also became the main connection between Bilbao and the elizate of Abando.
  2. Entering the municipality from the west it separates the districts of Bego馻 and Ibaiondo, then Abando and Uribarri and lastly Deusto and Basurto-Zorroza.
  3. However, the initial plan was always to build the bus terminal in the Bilbao-Abando station, the main railway station of the city.
  4. The Teatro Arriaga and the Ayuntamiento, a government building, would be comfortable in a Paris square, the tilework Abando train station in a carnival arcade.
  5. The station serves also as a Cercan韆s Bilbao station for lines C-1 and C-2, which connect Bilbao-Abando with Santurtzi and Muskiz.
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  7. It is crossed by the San Francisco street, among other less important ones, and borders the following other neighbourhoods : Zabala, Miribilla, Irala and Abando.
  8. This annexation affected one of the most famous natives of Abando, Sabino Arana, and was one of the driving forces for the inception of the Basque nationalism.
  9. In connecting Bilbao to its river, Gehry erects not a temple on a hill but a stairway sweeping down from the embankment and streets of the Abando commercial district.
  10. But you can take a cab or bus to the Termibus bus station or to the Abando train station and leave your luggage at either one for a nominal charge.
  11. The stops of Bilbao-Atxuri Station, Ribera and Abando, all of them in Bilbao, do not have their own separate stop, they use the sidewalk.
  12. The railroad and station separate San Francisco and Zabala from Abando, which is the center of the city, and Irala, while the neighbourhood is separated from Casco Viejo by the estuary.
  13. In 1861, engineer Amado L醶aro projected an " ensanche " inside the then-municipality of Abando with wide avenues and regular buildings, that included the hygienists ideas of the time.
  14. Abando was a Basque speaking town, but following the attitudes of the elites in the area of Bilbao during this period, Basque was not transmitted to Arana's siblings within the family.
  15. In early August 1942 at the end of a funeral for fallen Carlists in the Spanish Civil War celebrated at the church of San Vicente de Abando in Bilbao, shouts were heard against the Falangists.
  16. Along with the growth of Bilbao, the urban centre of the city expanded beyond the old original seven streets, and started to expand over territories of the, by that time, elizate of Abando.
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