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  1. Center for Adaptive Optics : http : / / cfao . ucolick . org/
  2. It can nonetheless outperform adaptive optics in some cases and is accessible to amateurs.
  3. Guide stars are also employed in adaptive optics.
  4. The star is used by adaptive optics to compensate for movements in the atmosphere.
  5. In 2008, the companion star was resolved using adaptive optics at the Lick Observatory.
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  7. The AGW units are essential components of the telescope and indispensable for the adaptive optics.
  8. :: You do not need adaptive optics : lucky imaging works just as well.
  9. His work combined convex optimization, machine learning, adaptive optics and spatial light modulators.
  10. Specifically, coronagraphs and extreme adaptive optics.
  11. But astronomers are eager to see how well the adaptive optics system works, Wilcots said.
  12. Liu said the orbiting brown dwarf was found using a new telescope technique called adaptive optics.
  13. It has further been combined with adaptive optics technology to provide sharper images of the retina.
  14. A search for a binary companion star using adaptive optics at the MMT Observatory was negative.
  15. This includes the Hubble Space Telescope but most importantly ground-based telescopes using adaptive optics.
  16. They were found using an adaptive optics instrument on the Gemini North 8m telescope in Hawaii.
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