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  1. Two years experience in image processing and image analysis algorithm development and implementation
  2. Several spatial analysis algorithms and their visualization are discussed in detail in this paper
  3. The cluster analysis algorithm can be used for the decision support system of the customer relationship management
  4. In this paper image process , analysis algorithm and other related technology of image measurement are discussed
  5. The effects of the analysis algorithms , the order of the elements , mesh size and uniformity has been investigated
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  7. On the basis of the existing achievements , this paper presents an algorithm by combining the square - root algorithm with the node - analysis algorithm
  8. Applying the cluster analysis algorithm to the customer relationship management can help the enterprises to be more purposeful and keep a better relation with customers
  9. 2 . the data of time delay on the basis of tools in the system is introduced and relevant network topology and net - flow analysis algorithm is described . 3
    2 、介紹了基于性能管理系統的采集工具所獲取的時延數據等,模擬網絡拓撲結構及流量分析算法。
  10. The microsoft sequence clustering algorithm is a sequence analysis algorithm for use in exploring data that contains events that can be linked by following paths , or sequences
  11. As a necessary supplement to rough segmentation , accurate segmentation improves its accuracy . a closed - loop feedback controller is designed to adjust parameters of the texture analysis algorithm
  12. The disadvantages and advantages of these algorithms are compared . third , based on the algorithm of based - cell outlier detection , an outlier - analysis algorithm to reduce the boundary influence is presented
  13. An efficient probabilistic syntactic analysis algorithm uses a table of function words and a set of probabilistic context - free rules containing the function words in the syntactic analysis
  14. In order to adapt the characteristics of chinese layout , based on the component - based layout analysis algorithm , this paper proposes an adaptive morphology based layout analysis algorithm
  15. Aimed at a great deal of components submitted to the skewness distribution during the mixed signal identification , a new improved independent component analysis algorithm is proposed to deal with this kind of signals
  16. In addition , combining computer technology with statistic analysis , we have developed statistic software that realizes principal component analysis algorithm which can be operated conveniently and has complete functions
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