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  1. Note that our discussion of this classic approach will be somewhat simplified : arithmetic expressions will contain only operands , binary operators , and one kind of parentheses
  2. As an example we will write a small program to read and evaluate arithmetic expressions consisting of floating point numbers , parentheses and the usual operators for addition , subtraction , and so on
  3. My master dissertation was supported by the natural science foundation of china . i researched how to measure the characteristic parameter of filed emitters array ( fea ) and acquired the characteristic arithmetic expression
  4. The dissertation mainly deals with the data acquisition circuit , the communication between measuring instrument and computer and how to process the measured data and acquire the characteristic arithmetic expression
  5. A column name is required only when a column is derived from an arithmetic expression , a function , or a constant ; when two or more columns may otherwise have the same name , typically because of a join ; or when a column in a view is specified a name different from that of the column from which it is derived
    僅在下列情況下需要列名:列是從算術表達式、函數或常量派生的;兩個或更多的列可能會具有相同的名稱(通常是由于聯接的原因) ;視圖中的某個列的指定名稱不同于其派生來源列的名稱。
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  7. Working at automatic mode the system can transmit the data to computer through the parallel port which work at epp ( enhanced parallel port ) mode . then the computer shows the characteristic relation curves and acquires the characteristic arithmetic expression . the sampling frequency reach to 4khz , the core of control system is microcontroller uint ( mcu ) 89c51 , the data acquisition is 12 bite
    也可以工作在自動方式下通過并行接口(工作于epp模式) ,把測量到的數據輸入計算機,在計算機上顯示特性參數間的關系曲線,以及求出參數間的數學關系式,其采樣頻率可達4khz 。
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