aubrey huff造句


  1. His replacement at third base, rookie Aubrey Huff, is hitting . 143.
  2. Aubrey Huff homered twice for Tampa Bay, which has won six of 10.
  3. Aubrey Huff hit his 30th homer and drove in three runs for Tampa Bay.
  4. Aubrey Huff then tripled and Jose Cruz Jr . hit his second sacrifice fly.
  5. Aubrey Huff had an RBI double and Toby Hall added a run-scoring single.
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  7. Aubrey Huff, Steve Cox and Ben Grieve had two RBIs apiece for Tampa Bay.
  8. Tampa Bay's Aubrey Huff said.
  9. Aubrey Huff, Jose Cruz Jr . and Tino Martinez homered for the Devil Rays.
  10. Tampa Bay's Rocco Baldelli and Aubrey Huff hit consecutive homers in the ninth.
  11. On August 17, the Tigers traded pitcher Brett Jacobson to Baltimore for Aubrey Huff.
  12. Recalled 3B Aubrey Huff from Durham.
  13. Aubrey Huff then reached on an error by Sweeney at first base to load the bases.
  14. Fred McGriff and Ben Grieve singled and both runners scored on Aubrey Huff's double.
  15. Aubrey Huff homered for the Devil Rays, who scored only 11 runs in the series.
  16. Aubrey Huff ended Bush's 17-inning scoreless streak by homering in the sixth.
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