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  1. The song names are inspired from scenery associated with Snake Pass; Bad Vilbel is a German spa town which is twinned with Glossop.
  2. It borders the districts of Fechenheim in the south, the town of Maintal in the east and the town of Bad Vilbel in the north.
  3. The S-Bahn runs at 15-minute intervals on weekdays from Friedberg and Gro?Karben via Bad Vilbel and the Frankfurt City Tunnel to Frankfurt South station.
  4. On the same day RMV bus route 5150 ( formerly DB bus route 650 ), which had run between Bad Vilbel and Nidderau, was closed completely.
  5. The  house platform ( platform 1 ) is used exclusively for services on the Nidda Valley Railway towards Nidderau, Bad Vilbel and Frankfurt Central Station.
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  7. The Lahn-Kinzig Railway also offers interchanges in Nidda ( with Frankfurt ) and in Glauburg-Stockheim ( with RE / RB 34 towards Bad Vilbel or Frankfurt ).
  8. "' Bad Vilbel station "'is located at the 183.6 kilometre mark of the Main-Weser Railway in the town of Bad Vilbel in the German state of Hesse.
  9. It is located in the north-eastern part of Frankfurt and borders the districts of Seckbach to the south and the town of Bad Vilbel to the east.
  10. "' Bad Vilbel station "'is located at the 183.6 kilometre mark of the Main-Weser Railway in the town of Bad Vilbel in the German state of Hesse.
  11. Bad Vilbel is connected by several bus routes to the surrounding cities of Frankfurt, Offenbach am Main, Bad Homburg ( Ober-Erlenbach ), Karben and Rosbach vor der H鰄e.
  12. The many decades it has been planned to add two separate tracks for the S-Bahn to the Main-Weser Railway between Frankfurt and Bad Vilbel, or as far as Friedberg.
  13. "' Wolfgang Kaim "'( born 13 May 1951 in Bad Vilbel, Germany ) is a German chemist who is the chair of coordination chemistry at the University of Stuttgart.
  14. On the Nidder Valley Railway trains run every hour ( every two hours on Sundays and public holidays ) from Frankfurt Central Station or Bad Vilbel via Niederdorfelden, Nidderau and Altenstadt to Glauburg-Stockheim.
  15. In the early evening hours, two trains of the " Niddertal-Netz " ( Nidder Valley Network ) run as a combined service of lines SE 32 and SE 34, starting from Frankfurt Hbf, uncoupling in Bad Vilbel.
  16. The establishment of a tram line to Bad Vilbel is no longer considered by the city council because the tram cars can not operate on slpoes larger than 10 %, which " Frankfurter Stra遝 "-part of the planned route-includes.
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