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  1. “ the same basic reasons why traders lose money can be found in almost every losing trader
  2. this is the basic reason why a query language for xml data is extremely important in a connected world
  3. the basic reason is the same for a sea breeze as for a monsoon ? ? difference in heating between the land and sea
  4. the inner stress produced by quick cooling during quenching is the basic reason of formation of quench-distortion of parts
  5. it is believed that the incomplete system and its framework are the basic reasons for financial disputes during society transformation
  6. It's difficult to find basic reason in a sentence. 用basic reason造句挺難的
  7. the problems of the land using policy in small town in our country and the basic reason of becoming those problems are what
  8. the power of tyrant was stemmed from the natural rights of people . so the agreement of people was the basic reason of servitude
  9. then analyse property relationship of ngo in new system economics view and find basic reason of voluntary failure of ngo
  10. the over-exaggerating time in advance is the basic reason of high storages of finished and inprocess products and high occupation of current capital
  11. the basic reason is lack of technological advances in china's auto industry, resulting in the low quality and high energy consumption level of new models
  12. the basic reason for this dilemma was that the qing government exercised a monopoly over copper-bronze ingot production, thereby forcing bullion price down
  13. it's basic reason is the wrong devision of sacial class attribute for the intellectuals, thereby caused the instability of policies
  14. as for the condition, the writer consider that the internal cause is a basic reason, and the external cause is another important reason
  15. environmental factor is the basic reason lead to the development of accounting . the more develop of the market economic the more important of management accounting
  16. if we carefully study the factors which hinder the chinese urbanization, we can discover the traditional dual system influence is the basic reason
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