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  1. The breech blocks of the two 9.2 inch guns have been replaced with newly manufactured ones.
  2. The breech block housed a diagonally downward-sloping firing pin which was struck with a front-action side-mounted hammer.
  3. Thirty-eight guns were abandoned, most having their breech blocks removed and sights disabled by the gunners first.
  4. Downward-opening Welin breech blocks and Smith-Asbury mechanisms were used on both Mark 4 and Mark 6 types.
  5. The breech block and small muzzle brake.
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  7. When the ships were interned, they had their guns disabled through the removal of their breech blocks.
  8. The breech block housed a diagonally downward sloping firing pin struck with a front-action lock mounted hammer.
  9. The breech block, with firing pin and extractor, is pinned to the back end of the barrel casing.
  10. The breech blocks were frozen shut.
  11. Axel Welin solved this problem with his stepped interrupted screw design : the Welin breech block of 1890.
  12. When the firearm is in battery, the breech block rests slightly forward of the locking shoulder in the frame.
  13. The Mark 6 gun was constructed of gun steel using a hoops, a locking ring, and Welin breech block.
  14. Both guns have been restored so visitors can traverse ( turn ) the guns, and articulate the breech blocks.
  15. The springs then drove the lock frame assembly forward to operate the ejector, chamber the round and raise the breech block.
  16. The breech block was then arrested in the rear position, remaining opened for the gunner to manually insert a new cartridge.
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