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  • 業務人員


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  1. Want you eight - nine in same place undoubtedly with is it is it imprison different to go to catch hour one day , you just think of business personnel shine life of rainforest day
  2. Other packaged educational programmes include a series of food hygiene seminars for food business personnel , teachers and the public . roving exhibitions are also held in other shopping centres
  3. Your business personnel itself is taking our data to be not handed in in the hand , do not say without giving thought to in your travel , still do a speech to say the system is busy , be accomplice obviously
  4. I wish to be a business personnel or an assistant business personnel of the foreign trade in your company , other positions relative to foreign trade are also okay to me , additionally , i am willing to be in charge of other occupations
  5. The business personnel and real estate ( including the warehouses ) of the original antique shops , as well as the cultural relics in stock which the foreign trade departments and other departments have banned from being exported , shall be handed over to cultural departments


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