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  1. Through the blessing of the upright a city is exalted , but by the mouth of the wicked it is destroyed
    11 [和合]城因正直人祝福便高11舉;卻因邪惡人的口就傾覆。
  2. The blood pill contains capsule in , the appropriate time bite open is strained heart and mind terrible blood by the mouth midstream
  3. The store of meal did not come to an end , and the bottle was never without oil , as the lord had said by the mouth of elijah
  4. Who by the mouth of thy servant david hast said , why did the heathen rage , and the people imagine vain things
    25你曾藉著圣靈, ( . ? . )你仆人我們祖宗大衛的口,說, [外邦為甚麼爭鬧,萬民為甚麼謀算虛妄的事
  5. For this reason , it is the best preventive measure that improves the sanitary of diet and strictly prevents " diseases enter by the mouth "


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