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  1. Lernout's bankruptcy filings followed the discovery of a $ 100 million cash shortfall in the company's South Korean unit last summer.
  2. According to an internal Pentagon audit completed in March, BioPort officials predict a possible $ 18 million cash shortfall in 2000.
  3. The immediate cash shortfall stems from lost fertilizer sales, as heavy rains soaked the Midwest and delayed the spring planting season.
  4. The proceeds from Texas's largest note sale will be used to cover the state's temporary cash shortfall beginning September 1, 1995.
  5. Despite posting some of the best economic growth in the world for the past two years, Ukraine suffers from cash shortfalls.
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  7. They reported a cash shortfall of dlrs 623 million and said they expected further losses of dlrs 400 million by 2007.
  8. The owners have said they expect another $ 400 million in cash shortfalls by the time the loan matures in 2007.
  9. The cash shortfall for 1999 was $ 135, 507, and for 1998 it was $ 412, 772, according to audited financial statements.
  10. "The borrower does not have commitments from its partners or any related affiliate to fund these cash shortfalls, " the filing said.
  11. All told, the parks say they have a combined cash shortfall of $ 4 billion if all urgent maintenance projects were undertaken.
  12. The bankruptcy filings followed the discovery of a $ 100 million cash shortfall in Lernout & Hauspie's South Korean unit last summer.
  13. Well, if it's a modest tax cut, then the sums Social Security will need to cover its cash shortfall are also modest.
  14. That may mean a cash shortfall for the three domestic oil companies as they are unable to make withdrawals from the fund.
  15. To ease the transition and to avoid damaging old pensions the government agreed to cover some of the Social Security Institute's cash shortfalls.
  16. He owned a flag shop in Tarpon Springs, Florida, but filed for personal bankruptcy, facing a more than $ 300, 000 cash shortfall.
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