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  1. Thanks to the estimated 200 million pounds ( US $ 320 million ) injected into the cash strapped club by new owner Roman Abramovich, Chelsea has 15 new faces.
  2. The new class of buoy tender cut crew size from 50, 35 and 26, respectively, to 25 saving the already cash strapped Coast Guard financial and personnel resources.
  3. In 1984, Striar facilitated the reunion of Joe Perry, Steven Tyler and the original Aerosmith lineup, by offering cash strapped band members a substantial advance for concert performances.
  4. The State of California will pay for 50 % of either project, but the already cash strapped district may run into trouble if the repairing of the school goes over budget.
  5. This brew is alcoholic and is very popular amongst the older males, but a few cash strapped young men have been known to quench their thirst by buying this affordable brew.
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  7. Cash strapped East Timor believes its share of billions of dollars in revenue from oil and gas fields under the Timor Sea will help ease poverty in the world's newest nation.
  8. For a long time during the early 1900s and at least through 1929, a cash strapped Ecuador had reached out for potential buyers of the islands to alleviate financial troubles at home.
  9. Several attempts were made to purchase the Whitecaps name; however, the name was not for sale or the owner wanted too much money for the cash strapped community-owned club.
  10. Unprofitable and cash strapped, Fokker has asked for an estimated 2.3 billion guilders from its two major shareholders, the Dutch government and Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG, or Dasa.
  11. Despite the government's iron-fist stance, officials concede the uprising has so far cost the cash strapped state more than 26 billion drachmas ( dlrs 108 million ) so far.
  12. The cash strapped Sharif government, hit hard by sanctions from major world powers including the United States and Japan for its nuclear tests in May, imposed the tax to boost its dwindling revenues.
  13. China's cash strapped government will be reaching even deeper into its overstretched pockets this year as the country struggles to spend its way out of recession, Finance Minister Xiang Huaicheng said Wednesday.
  14. In January 1993 Taco Cabana announced that it was purchasing cash strapped Two Pesos'restaurant assets in exchange for 940, 000 shares of Taco Cabana stock, approximately valued at $ 22 million.
  15. During issue 34 that was published at the end of April 2004, the author announced that the comic might end during June as it was " chronically underfunded " and " cash strapped ".
  16. It's almost impossible to lure potential buyers-- cash strapped from the holidays-- out from in front of a roaring fireplace to battle the elements and shop for a new home.
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