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  1. The governor of Idaho in 1988, Cecil Andrus, used state police to block shipments of nuclear waste heading to a processing plant in his state.
  2. The state of Idaho adopted the Appaloosa as its official state horse on March 25, 1975, when Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus signed the enabling legislation.
  3. Her work caught the attention of Gov . Cecil Andrus, who appointed her to the state Public Utilities Commission in 1991 for a six-year term.
  4. _Cecil Andrus, Interior secretary under Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1981, who is responsible for perhaps the department's greatest achievement of the 20th century.
  5. "He gave of himself to preserve the things he loved, " said former Idaho Gov . Cecil Andrus, who appointed him to the commission.
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  7. Former Idaho Gov . Cecil Andrus, who has helped preserve millions of acres of public land, warns that Gore is already far too closely identified with unyielding greens.
  8. Dan Williams, onetime legal counsel to former Idaho Gov . Cecil Andrus, is in a rematch against two-term incumbent Rep . Helen Chenoweth, an outspoken conservative.
  9. On April 20, 1987, Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus, a Democrat, appointed Jones, a Republican, to represent floterial District 13 in the Idaho House of Representatives.
  10. At a White House meeting last year, Idaho's then-Gov . Cecil Andrus sought to warn Clinton administration officials of big Democratic losses in the West come November.
  11. Borrowing a line first used by former Idaho Gov . Cecil Andrus, an avid elk hunter, " We haven't seen any game wearing bullet-proof vests.
  12. Former Gov . Cecil Andrus says that if Rep . Helen Chenoweth were to come across a brush fire, her instinct would be to douse it with a pail of gasoline.
  13. Former four-term Idaho Gov . Cecil Andrus is more outspoken, saying Gore would be a " disaster " for Democratic candidates sharing the ballot in Western states.
  14. Idaho Democrats tend to be pro-gun and anti-abortion, a mold that has well served Cecil Andrus, the departing governor, during a 40-year political career.
  15. Former Idaho Gov . Cecil Andrus, who helped create the national historical park, said it would be " a shame and a crime to see these items removed ."
  16. In September 1977, Secretary of the Interior Cecil Andrus announced that he had accepted McKelvey's resignation as Director but that McKelvey would remain with the Survey as a research scientist.
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