charter cities造句


  1. It was incorporated January 28, 1963 and became a charter city on June 13, 2007.
  2. Wayzata became a charter city when people began considering it a suburb of the Minneapolis metropolitan area.
  3. In Romer s conception, there are three main actors in the creation of a charter city.
  4. Piedmont became a charter city under the laws of the state of California on December 18, 1922.
  5. City residents voted to become a charter city in a special municipal election on November 29, 2005.
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  7. Davao was inaugurated as a charter city on October 16, 1936 by President Manuel L . Quezon.
  8. Thus, one benefit of charter cities is the freedom they offer in establishment of rules of governance.
  9. Piedmont became a charter city under the laws of the State of California on December 18, 1922.
  10. It is a charter city, led by an elected mayor and a city council with six elected members.
  11. Most times, however, a charter city is founded by charter before large-scale development takes place.
  12. A charter city may have some exemptions from some state or provincial laws, which varies entirely for each particular region.
  13. Colombo is a charter city, with a right leaning party, whose business friendly policies resonate with the population of Colombo.
  14. They were merged into one city on August 25, 1937, when the current Iloilo City inaugurated as a charter city.
  15. Romer argues that rich nations should guarantee the enforcement of rules in charter cities, while developing countries would provide the land.
  16. On April 2, 2002, citizens of Sikeston voted to make Sikeston the 37th charter city in the state of Missouri.
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