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  1. The Charter School of Science and Technology, which is also managed by Edison, will become the largest charter school in New York when it opens in September with 924 students in grades kindergarten through eight.
  2. And where the supporters demand that charter schools in New York be given the same independence as those in other states, the unions have declined to say how much independence they would willingly yield to the schools.
  3. Even though it is the largest charter school manager in the state, Victory expects to lose money on each of its three charter schools in New York City for at least five years, and maybe longer.
  4. Schools Chancellor Rudy Crew has proposed what officials said was the first step toward establishing charter schools in New York City by calling for the creation of a special school district in which the city's most innovative and successful schools would be given more autonomy and flexibility.
  5. He also mentioned the charter school in New York City's south Bronx run by the nonprofit Kipp Foundation; it has been successful in attracting strong teachers and in acquiring the federal instructional money to which it is entitled, as well as in showing achievement gains.
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  7. In June 1999, shortly after the SUNY trustees approved a September opening for New Covenant and the two charter schools in New York City, questions were raised about whether the trustees had given adequate legal notice and a chance for public comments by the Albany City School District.
  8. One of the most pointed studies on this correlation is from a study of charter schools in New York City, which determined that quantity of instructional time ( along with high-dosage tutoring, frequent feedback to teachers, and a culture of high expectations ) account for up to 50 percent of the variation in outcomes among schools.
  9. In addition to Edison, seven other organizations in New York state submitted proposals, including Victory Schools, a Manhattan company that this fall will run three charter schools in New York City and on Long Island, and Boys Harbor Inc ., a nonprofit Harlem group that last year tried and failed to secure a charter school license from state authorities.
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