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  1. Afterward Sherwood became engaged to a minor politician and dry county agent.
  2. It was presided over by Cameron county agent Hadley Fontenot, first festival president.
  3. He was promoted to county agent in 1948, serving in that position until 1957.
  4. That's how Gary Stanford, Ellis County agent for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, sees it.
  5. Nor does it punish the mostly white county agents who for decades denied them money.
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  7. After 1914, the County Agents and Home Demonstration Agents were being employed in counties throughout Georgia.
  8. Fredericks worked as the county agent for the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service for West Feliciana parishes.
  9. The eagle was sent to Auburn by the Talladega County Agent along with a load of turkeys.
  10. After finishing school in 1951, Clower worked as a county agent and later as a seed salesman.
  11. The county agents were charged with assisting in every way possible the agricultural development in their counties.
  12. He later was promoted to the supervisor of all county agents and moved to Boise in 1930.
  13. By 1937, Georgia has county agents working in every county and 4-H enrollment had grown to 82, 962.
  14. In 1949, he began a two-year position as the assistant county agent in Natchitoches Parish in northwestern Louisiana.
  15. Kendall County agent Rebecca Rogers interjected.
  16. It links county agents in almost every county in the nation with a vast pool of university knowledge.
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