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  1. Help is proffered by agricultural county agent, David Barkley, who is immediately attracted to Matthews's eldest daughter, Deborah.
  2. Further attempts in 1936 were also rejected; even the county agent was not in favor of the idea.
  3. Q : Whatever happened to the gentleman on " Green Acres " who played the harebrained county agent?
  4. Solon Robinson and Judge William Clark, with County Agent George Earle gave a Lake Court House a new name.
  5. Banner C . Brummett was appointed County Agent to lay out Nashville in lots to be sold at auction.
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  7. Some farmers were able to combine the sunflowers in January and February, said Tim Semler, the Bottineau County agent.
  8. Glover was also a county judge, tax assessor, postmaster during World War I, and the first county agent in Sheridan.
  9. Even without another drop of rain, the corn crop around Waxahachie will be above average, said county agent Gary Stanford.
  10. A popular Tin Pan Alley County Agents, who were employed by state agricultural colleges and funded by the Federal government.
  11. Cooperative Extension s educational programs, carried out by state specialists and county agents, focus on agriculture, food and 4-H youth development.
  12. Imperial County agents are getting more high-tech equipment, including five infrared night scopes to add to the five they already have.
  13. In Matagorda County, cotton acreage has passed rice and the crop looks excellent, said county agent James Engbrock of Bay City.
  14. Was the oak standing on Tiger Mountain when Grandpa John V . Arrendale was named the first county agent in 1910?
  15. -Training for local officials, such as county agents, should be improved so that identification of possible terrorists can come more quickly.
  16. Cherokee County farmers are picking peaches and seem to be in good shape, David Parker, Clemson Extension Service county agent, said.
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