county road中文

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  • 地方道路
  • 縣公路 ( 縣道 ) ,鄉道
  • 縣公路(縣道)
  • county:    n. 1.〔英國〕郡〔與專有名詞連用 ...
  • road:    n. 1.路,道路;街〔略 Rd.〕 ...
  • county road 184:    縣道184之東


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  1. Address east suburb of xingtai city hebei province debarking at no . 16 bus station at xiayunfei martial art academy north side along xingtai city nanhe county road
  2. Highway construction in our country is full of vitality and semi - rigid roadbase asphalt pavement has become a major type of pavement structure of county road in recent years
  3. If plans of provincial roads , county roads and township roads already approved need revisions , the original organ of formulation shall put forward revision proposals and submit them to the original organ of approval for approval
  4. Article 6 highways shall be divided , according to their positions in the networks , into state roads , provincial roads , county roads and township roads and , technically into express ways , first class roads , second class roads , third class roads and fourth class roads
  5. Article 31 when construction projects of a permanent nature are being erected on either side of a highway , the distance from the edge of the building facing the highway to the outer rim of the roadside ditch of the highway should be no less than 20m for state highways , 15m for provincial highways , 10m for county roads , and 5m for township roads


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