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  1. Fink is currently signed to his own label, R'COUP'D Records, a subsidiary of Ninja Tune.
  2. It's our first humiliations and struggles that are very interesting, so I thought I'd record them.
  3. The sample images contain inherently descriptive information, and most DS records include digital images, although there are some exceptions.
  4. He also used to run a record shop in Oslo, T & D Records, with mentor and producer Tommy Tee.
  5. I then took them over to Atlantic, and they said they'd record their song if they'd change their name.
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  7. Prosecutors first stated their interest in the 12 workers during an April 12 challenge to the subpoena for the S . I . D records.
  8. When he started playing guitar, he'd record songs in his basement, using lo-fi techniques to get more complicated sounds.
  9. The DS records use a message digest of the KSK instead of the complete key in order to keep the size of the records small.
  10. He played guitar in Small Arms Dealer ( Deep Elm Records ), Fellow Project and Go White Bronco ( 86'd Records ).
  11. Torrence participated with Berry on " Port to Paradise ", released as a cassette on the J & D Records label in 1986.
  12. In 1965, he closed D Records and left United Artists to concentrate his efforts on Musicor, signing artists of the calibre of Gene Pitney.
  13. "I've known Lucinda, Matthew and Buddy Miller a little so I just called and asked if they'd record with me.
  14. I was lucky to play on two Social D records and the second solo album, and I am proud to have been part of the band.
  15. Photographs have featured in the local press, Musical Theatre Pantomime Programmes, Spotlight, C . D record Covers, and the Kyoto Gardens Exhibition portfolio.
  16. "We'd record at the U . A . studio, then go home and he'd begin writing again, often under medication.
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