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  1. By december ruud had bagged 17 goals in 26 starts , but the return to form and fitness of louis saha saw him edged out of the side
  2. 3 bodybuilding club membership card : tight work schedule edges out dad ' s time for exercising . send him a gym membership and tell him look after his body for you
  3. Manly took out 30 per cent of the vote among 473 locals and tourists surveyed , with bronte and cronulla both edging out the famed bondi , which came in fourth
    共473名當地人和觀光客接受調查,曼力海灘囊括3成選票奪冠,布隆特、克羅諾拉海灘雙雙擠落著名的邦黛海灘,后者屈居第4 。
  4. Portuguese star ronaldo , who made a clean sweep of english football ' s individual accolades last season , did edge out barcelona trio , ronaldinho , thierry henry and lionel messi in the list ' s top five
  5. Arsene wenger placed his faith in youth in last season ' s carling cup and the young gunners were narrowly edged out by a full - strength chelsea in the final at the millennium stadium last february
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  7. An enterprising lawyer , acting on a report that a female colleague is up to make partner , plays up the established rumor that he ' s gay in order to better his chances at edging out his competition
  8. With the economic development , especially with the accession of china into wto , the double standard based on different laws have brought the trouble that domestic enterprises edged out foreign ones
  9. Ms davison takes the crown over from the reigning miss world from turkey , azra akin , and earns $ us100 , 000 in prize money after edging out 24 - year - old miss canada , nazanin afshin - jam , and china ' s guan qi , 21
    羅莎娜從上屆世界小姐,土耳其小姐手中接過王冠,還贏得10萬美金的獎金, 24歲的加拿大小姐娜扎寧贏得亞軍,而中國小姐關琦則獲得季軍。
  10. While the former posh spice edged out english journalist nigella lawson for the top spot on the mothering countdown , her husband came in just ahead of hollywood actor brad pitt for his fathering duties , the report said
    報道說,維多利亞擊敗英國星級女廚師尼格拉?勞森躋身“美味媽咪”排行榜榜首,而她的丈夫貝克漢姆力壓好萊塢大腕布拉德?皮特當選最佳“美味老爸” 。
  11. Witnessing blatant stealing everyday , the frail - minded could not resist but to join in the crime . there were also drivers who , frightened and fearful of being edged out , dared not put up resistance and were dragged aboard the theft wagon
  12. The other factors are that the r & d and production capability of the same kind or kind alike is too scattered , there are too many production links of one product in the same enterprise , and medium - sized and small enterprises are being edged out . the symbiotic net - organization is the ideal model of the organization structure of china ’ s defense industry
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