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  1. This article introduces some general characteristics of magnesium alloys especially in forging , hoping to assist local forgers in realizing magnesium forging characteristics and forging die design guidelines so as to shorten the lead time of developing competitive magnesium forging components
  2. Upon technology analysis of series 350 crankshaft forging pieces of chevroler , proper forging technology has been designed adn forging die been optimized , resulting in high quality crankshaft forging pieces with high accuracy , good appearance and reasonable streamline , produced in model kp8000t crankshaft production line
  3. The emphasis and novelty of this research is to develop a scientific , quantified criterion based on the web hot - working die material selection and application expert system accordance to the invalidation resistance index system to break through the traditional material selection according to experience . the research is based on the results of the national machine industry technique and combing the die applications and intense experience of expert , network techniques , system engineering etc . knowledge . hammer forge dies , pressing forge dies , casting dies or extrusion dies of high melting point metal al , mg , cu and their alloys are largely used
    本研制工作的主要工作重點和新穎之處,是在國家機械工業技術發展基金委員會研究成果的基礎上,結合國內外模具行業專家經驗與專著以及作者在模具應用強化等方面的經驗和在專家系統、網絡技術、系統工程等方面的知識,力圖打破行業長期按經驗選材的傳統做法嘗試研制出一個以“失效抗力指標體系”思路為依據的科學化、判據量值化的“基于網絡的熱作模具材料選擇和應用專家系統” 。
  4. Column setup : die & mould technology overview ; cad / cam ; stamping die technology ; cavity die ( plastic die , die casting die , forging die , rubber model die , etc . ) technology ; die making technology ; die material and heat treatment technology ; business operation and management ; business information ; die & mould technology both here and abroad and lecture , etc
    主要欄目設置:模具技術綜述、模具cad / cam 、沖模技術、型腔模(塑料模、壓鑄模、鍛模、橡膠模等)技術、模具制造技術、模具材料及熱處理技術、企業經營管理、行業信息、國內外模具技術及講座等等。
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