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  • 一千年之內
  • thousand:    adj. 1.千,千個的。 2.無數 ...
  • year:    n. 1.年,歲;一年。 2.年度, ...
  • a thousand years:    一千年后


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  1. For in a thousand years , the world will have lost me , no way to hold your hand in fondness , and dip a light kiss on your forehead
  2. At notre dame cathedral in paris , napoleon bonaparte is crowned as the first emperor of france in a thousand years
  3. If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years , how would man believe and adore , and preserve for many generations the remembrance of the city of god
  4. The opportunity always be with the challenge , believed you will have a correct judgment , for you will nevermore give up the opportunity that once in a thousand years after 26 years from a foreign land
  5. A new millennium brings special joy only once in a thousand years . as humankind prepares to usher in the year 2000 , we have designed an elegant and heart - warming gift - the golden age y2k cd - type desk calendar - especially for you


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