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  • 并入條款租船合同條款并入提單
  • 租船合同條款并入提單


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  1. After that i also analyze that some unreasonable clause ( for example : delivery the goods without b / l ) of the charter - party could be incorporated into the b / l by incorporation clause or not ; by the law rule of the england i try to point
  2. And i analyze the effect of incorporation clause in the special situations , such as re - charter ; the incorporation clause has some blanks ; and the effect of the incorporation clause is showed when the oral contract is incorporated into the bill of lading
  3. We will reach the essence of it in this chapter by reading the leading cases such as the merak [ 1965 ] and the annefield [ 1971 ] , which reflect the attitude of english court towards general incorporation clause and special incorporation clause ; the miramar [ 1984 ] and the rena - k [ 1978 ] , which reveal the verbal manipulation regulations on incorporated clauses from c / p ; the sannicholas [ 1976 ] , which gives resolution when the incorporation clause fails to point out the c / p meant to incorporate
    本文在分析英國典型案例的基礎上對這些規定逐一予以分析。首先,通過merak案、 annefield案的分析介紹英國法對一般并入條款和特別并入條款的規定;其次,通過miramar案、 renak案的分析揭示英國法對意圖被并入提單的租約條款作語言調整的規定;最后,通過sannicholas案闡明英國法在并入條款未指明提單意圖并入哪一份租約時的處理方式。
  4. Chinese current situation - there is three major controversies , which result in inconsistency in judicial decisions . they are the requirement on the form of incorporation clause , the validity of incorporating the arbitration clause from c / p into b / l and meanwhile restricting the b / l holder as the third party and the method of identifying the proper law of incorporated arbitration clause
  5. This thesis focuses on the topics as follows : firstly , general rules of incorporation clauses in b / l ; secondly , regulations of american and english case law regarding incorporation clause in b / l , and finally analysis of the contradiction of the judicial decisions of our country in this area . the aim of the article is to provide examples and reduce inconsistency


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