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  1. The portion of the journal account that is of main interest begins in the second of the seven journals, on the night of 12 November 1913; journal entries continue over several following years and fill the next six notebooks.
  2. In a journal account of that period, Marcus Jacoby wrote : " I sat down and wrote out a detailed plan of how I was going to get through these last two games, including my political and motivational moves.
  3. When Johnson could get no support in Congress, he allegedly had the Army " lose " some supplies ( including rifles ) " near " ( across ) the border with Mexico, according to U . S . General Philip Sheridan's journal account.
  4. He said that in all the reports that picked up The Journal account, " I never heard or read the word ` rumor .'Apparently reporters and editors, who generally pride themselves on their careful use of language, just can't bring themselves to attach this word to their accounts.
  5. Stevens was a professional member of the Anacreontic Society and it is through his journal accounts that we know that John Stafford Smith wrote their club song " The Anacreontic Song ", which, considerably altered and with new words, is now the national anthem of the USA, " The Star Spangled Banner ".
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  7. Miles gathered evidence from U . S . congressional hearings, sworn statements of detainees and soldiers, medical journal accounts and press reports to build a picture of physician complicity, and in isolated cases active participation by medical personnel in abuse at the Baghdad prison, as well as in Afghanistan and at the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba.
  8. In the Street Railway Journal account, No . 2 was built to " bring a train of six loaded narrow gauge passenger cars from the railroad to the top of the hill, where passengers may change to the No . 1 incline and descend . " The method is not stated, but a grip car was probably used.
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