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  1. In 1896, he moved to Journal American ", another Hearst paper.
  2. He is director of the journal American Journal of Psychiatry ( Spanish edition ).
  3. Ben Stein dislikes Clinton, writes for the Clinton-bashing journal American Spectator and is solidly behind Bush.
  4. The study will be published this month in the journal American Midland Naturalist, Stanford officials said.
  5. Journal American ( Bellevue ) on Bosnia:
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  7. The Journal American had red headlines everyday.
  8. Birthplace : New York Journal American.
  9. His " smooth British voice adds class, " wrote Elizabethe Brown of the " Bellevue Journal American ."
  10. He next covered the New York Yankees and New York Mets for the " New York Journal American ".
  11. Hearst reproduced Pulitzer's approach in the " San Francisco Examiner " and later in the " Journal American ".
  12. The New York Journal American pleaded : " Even $ 2.75 is a small price for preserving democracy ."
  13. Algeo and his wife, Adele, write the column " Among the New Words " in the journal American Speech.
  14. The exchanges between Brown and Witkowski and Campbell and Kaufman took place in the journal American Anthropologist between 1978 and 1983.
  15. She exhibited her artwork in New York galleries and was a court artist for the Journal American during the Alger Hiss Trial.
  16. Parachutists also wrote an angry letter to " New York Journal American " editor William Randolph Hearst, Jr ., which he ignored.
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