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  1. The manufacturers are facing what the journal American Libraries recently headlined as " Hard Times : Encyclopedia Publishing in the 1990s ."
  2. Outcault produced three subsequent series of Yellow Kid strips at the " Journal American ", each lasting no more than four months:
  3. Her debut novel, " Trash Sex Magic " ( published in 2004 by Small Beer Press ), earned a place on science-fiction industry journal American underclass.
  4. Pegler lashed out in a response entitled " On Heywood Broun and Quentin Reynolds " in the Hearst Corporation paper " New York Journal American ".
  5. Writing in the conservative journal American Outlook, S . T . Karnick describes " not a simple vulgarization or decay of American culture but a polarization.
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  7. The Tribune closed in 1966 after failing to publish during a labor conflict over its merger with The New York World-Telegram and The New York Journal American.
  8. The term " caf?society " had been invented by Maury Paul, Cassini's predecessor as " Cholly Knickerbocker " at the " New York Journal American ".
  9. Dr . Baumel Joseph won the Leo Wasserman Prize from the American Jewish Historical Society for the best article of 1995 in the journal American Jewish History.
  10. As Zindler wrote : " Thus, the circumstances surrounding the date at which the publication of the present journal American Atheist began are a complete mystery ."
  11. The " World " was attacked for being " sensational ", and its circulation battles with Hearst's " Journal American " gave rise to the term yellow journalism.
  12. John McClain of the " New York Journal American " proclaimed, " it is the best and most exciting thing of its kind since " Pal Joey ".
  13. Reviewing the book in the journal American Anthropologist, Stephanie Kane, a professor at Indiana University, pronounced it a " remarkable achievement, " teeming with " uncanny observations ."
  14. At the suggestion of the art director of the " New York Journal American ", he sought and found freelance work at Paramount Pictures, working above the Western.
  15. Kampen attended the University of Wisconsin Madison before becoming a copy girl at the newspaper New York Journal American and then went on to work at several weekly newspapers.
  16. Participated in journals American Catholic Sociological Review ( as editorial board member ), Commonweal, New City, Catholicism and the Social Crisis ( later to be called, Crisis Magazine ).
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