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  1. A recent article in the journal American Family Physician estimates that as many as 17 percent of all adults age 60 years or older may have a drinking problem.
  2. Wayne Glowka, a professor of English at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville who edits a column on new words for the journal American Speech, was keeping track.
  3. Journal ", " British Dental Journal ", and the " Journal American Dental Association " to show that Weston Price wasn't the one lone nut Barrett implies him to be.
  4. The Pecos Conference is regularly mentioned in the professional journal American Antiquity in the context of current and on-going research, and mentioned in textbooks and popular magazines like Archeology and Antiquity.
  5. John McClain of the New York Journal American particularly praised the staging of the musical, saying that " Gower Champion deserves the big gong for performance beyond the call of duty.
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  7. Before joining the P-I in 1979, he worked briefly at the weekly Sammamish Valley News before joining the Journal American in Bellevue, where he covered the state legislature as a reporter.
  8. After The Mirror folded in 1963 and the Winchell column shifted to The Journal American, he opened an office at the Damon Runyon Memorial Cancer Fund he had set up after Runyon's death in 1946.
  9. "' John Dennis Patrick O'Brian "'( August 16, 1914 & ndash; November 5, 2000 ) was an entertainment journalist best known for his longtime role as a television critic for " New York Journal American ".
  10. In 1946 47, when Johnson began to concentrate on his children's books, the strip was drawn by Johnson's Connecticut neighbor, artist Jack Morley, who had previously drawn editorial cartoons for the " New York Journal American ".
  11. Joseph was a French Jew who settled in New York City in 1914 and grew to love country music, working as an illustrator at the " Journal American " by day and writing songs in his spare time.
  12. In a 1937 paper published in the journal American Anthropologist, Whorf argued that the phoneme resulted from some of the Nahuan or Aztecan languages having undergone a sound change from the original * to in the position before *.
  13. In an article to be published in the journal American Psychologist, Meyer and other researchers conclude that the validity of psychological tests, including the Rorschach and the TAT, is comparable to that of medical tests, like ultrasounds and MRI's.
  14. A recent paper by Dr . Donald Kassenbaum in the journal American Medicine concluded that a significant cause of the rise in applications was the poor job market for college graduates, propelling cautious students toward careers perceived as dependable.
  15. From 1930 to 1938, working in an office on 45th Street, Lariar did freelance gag cartoons, comic strips and spot drawings, including political cartoons for the " New York Journal American " and pages for some of the earliest comic books.
  16. Back in New York in 1938, Kilgallen began writing a daily column, the " Voice of Broadway ", for Hearst's " New York Journal American ", which the corporation created by merging the " Evening Journal " with the " American ".
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