1. Rivers'experience with the Maartens family takes an important turn when Katy has to leave for a time to care for her dying mother.
  2. Having lost his virginity, Rivers feels guilt for betraying his mother and pious background, and also for betraying his sick master Henry Maartens.
  3. He was invited to trials for the loose forwards Daniel Maartens and Steven Meiring, as the team finished in second place on the log.
  4. In 1856 the building came into the hands of the August Ferdinand Carl Schwartz ( 1817 1870 ), the father of the novelist Maarten Maartens.
  5. More young consumers are choosing street shoes, made by such companies as Doc Maartens or Timberland, or " extreme sports " nontraditional footwear.
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  7. Liz and Henk Maartens, from Irene, Pretoria in South Africa won five Emmy Awards for the documentary series " Wild Kingdom " in 1970.
  8. The second book, " The Sin of Joost Avelingh ", was the first one he published under the nom de plume of Maarten Maartens.
  9. Maartens foresees the cheaper drugs spurring more realistic plans, such as a program using the drug AZT to prevent transmission of HIV from pregnant women to their children.
  10. Only relatively wealthy countries such as Nigeria, Botswana or South Africa could even consider long-term treatment programs for people with full-blown AIDS, Maartens said.
  11. Maarten Maartens, a Dutch writer who wrote in English, had a small castle built in Doorn : Zonheuvel ( " Sun Hill ", finished in 1903 ).
  12. The Sharks attempted to rally with a 43rd minute penalty by flyhalf Henry Honiball and a 50th-minute converted try by Hentie Maartens that pulled them with 24-15.
  13. Their daughter Ada, who never married, rechristened Zonheuvel " Het Maarten Maartenshuis " (  The Maarten Maartens House ) and turned it into a conference centre.
  14. The Sharks started their second half comeback via a 3rd minute penalty by flyhalf Henry Honiball and pressed closer when scrumhalf Hentie Maartens dotted down following a Gary Teichmann drive near the tryline.
  15. ""'The Genius and the Goddess " "'( physicist in the 1920s who was hired out of college as a laboratory assistant to Henry Maartens.
  16. Despite not scoring in the play-offs, Olivier's eight tries during the competition was still enough to make him the joint-top try scorer with Shimlas team-mate Daniel Maartens.
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