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  1. Save db2 snapshot and event monitoring data for sql , database and buffer pool activities and create reports for investigation and trend analysis
    保存db2快照和事件監控數據(用于sql 、數據庫和緩沖池活動) ,為調查和趨勢分析創建報告。
  2. Abstract : as the direct potable water source in jintan city , qianzidangdistrict is in the later stage of mesotrophication upon the recent monitoring data
  3. In order to learn out the changes of material properties with time , tomography methods for geophysical monitoring data has been increasingly used
  4. Using the method of 3d elastic - plastic fem numerical simulation , the authors analyze the displacement monitoring data of the interior of surrounding rock
  5. This proposed method can extract the hiding laws from monitoring data , and it does not demand mathematical model and corresponding parameters
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  7. Asp . net health monitoring provides a proactive approach by raising web events and delivering health - monitoring data through various mechanisms
    Asp . net運行狀況監視通過各種機制來引發web事件并傳送運行狀況監視數據,從而提供了一種前瞻性的方法。
  8. It is revealed that the computation value in theory is greatly different from the monitoring one , by analyzing a group of practical monitoring data of deep soil deformation
  9. 2 . the methods that differentiate the soil practical sedimentation from the monitored data are recommended , when the data are measured credibly in the measure process
  10. It is found from the monitoring data that the response of the acceleration transducer is linearly relative to the compaction degree of gravel soils
  11. In contrast , production data are generally considered to be surveillance / monitoring data ? with little control and considerable variance occurring during the acquisition of the production data
  12. Using for reference part of the achieved production in the dam safety monitor fields etc . , the distinguishing rule is established for the exceptional monitored data of the freeway
  13. I then deploy the jar along with the standard glassbox inspector jar , and i can see data from my new monitor along with standard glassbox monitoring data with jmx
    然后部署該jar以及標準glassbox inspector jar ,我可以從新監控器看到我的數據,并用jmx看到標準glassbox監控數據。
  14. The paper proposes the methodology of mining quantitative association rules based on the genetic algorithm , and a set of monitoring data is mined and the rules found are analyzed in detail
  15. To explore the possibility of obtaining monitoring data automatically and on a continuous basis , between 1996 and 2000 the epd carried out a trial of telemetric monitoring in the shing mun river
  16. Through running insulation online monitoring system , the skeme which is designed in this paper satistfied the accuracy and stability of monitoring data of dielectric loss angle ' s tangent
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