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  1. Speciality in consultation field : dam safety monitoring system design and application , dam safety monitoring data analysis and judgement , dam safety evaluation , risk assessment , and dam safety identification
  2. In this paper , on - line monitoring of dielectric loss angle ' s tangent ( dielectric loss factor ) was discussed mainly , in order to improve the accuracy and stability of monitoring data of dielectric loss
  3. According to the numerical results and monitoring data , the possible causes of some cracks in the dam are further discussed ; and advices on the design and construction of rcc arch dam are given
  4. The new formula can be used to estimate the water temperature of river where there is no water temperature monitoring data , and can provide the scientific foundation for environmental impact assessment of river basin development
  5. Ritz ' s team compared air pollution monitoring data from the environmental protection agency with information from the california birth defects monitoring program - a statewide database on birth defects
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