open season中文

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  • 叢林大反攻
  • 解禁期間
  • 開放季節
  • 漁、獵等開放期狩獵期間
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  1. Opened season by winning itf / buchen - ger ; qualified for two tour events - prague ( l . 1r to mauresmo in 3s ) and moscow ; turned pro in august
  2. What distributors don t take into account is that running services like apache with their default settings intact - unknown to the user - is open season for crackers and script kiddies
    這些發行版沒有考慮到的是毫不更改其缺省設置來運行服務,如apache - -用戶毫不知情- -會讓黑客和利用腳本搗亂的人趁虛而入。
  3. " we will not assume the posture of some cowardly white institutions that have remained silent while open season has been declared on people of color by city police , " declared the latino coalition for racial justice in a statement last week
    上周拉丁種族平等聯合會在一項聲明中說, “當本市警方對有色人種大開殺戒的時候,我們不能采取與某些怯懦的白人團體一樣的態度。 ”


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