operational systems造句


  1. "Polaris " itself was an operational system of four thermonuclear warheads around a single target.
  2. The radar at Houston, which was commissioned July 21, is the only fully operational system.
  3. We have moved to correct and improve management, training and operational systems, and address weaknesses.
  4. A fully operational system for distributing Microsoft programs could be developed by next spring, he said.
  5. In July 1958 construction began on the Titan I ICBM Operational System Test Facility ( OSTF ).
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  7. Microsoft's competitors appear to be leading Microsoft in the race to produce the first operational system.
  8. Operational systems, then, are those that keep the organization operating under control and most cost effectively.
  9. He facilitated the implementation of changes in the administration and operational systems relating to the Colombo International Airport.
  10. A sports fan, Rump's real work involves creating operational systems for traffic, telecommunications and computer.
  11. The data stored in the warehouse is uploaded from the operational systems ( such as marketing or sales ).
  12. Standard ETL technologies designed to supply data from operational systems to data warehouses would fit within the latter category.
  13. To promote the album, the band had its official website completely redesigned to simulate a 1980s operational system.
  14. Hall said both agencies also believe that " aircraft and operational system issues " must be investigated further.
  15. "To achieve this we are continuing to improve our management and operational systems, " said Tan.
  16. Isn't it the duty of the Works Ministry to hand over a fully operational system to Puncak Niaga?
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