photoelectric switch中文

發音:   用"photoelectric switch"造句
  • 光電開關
  • 光電式開關掣
  • photoelectric:    adj. 【物理學】光電的。
  • switch:    n. 1.(樹上折下的)細樹枝;軟鞭 ...
  • or switch:    或開關


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  1. Jl electronic co . , ltd . is an enterprise engaged in the production of automation control components such as photoelectric switch and mark sensor . the products passed the provincial certification in 1988
  2. Because the using environment of product is very poor , the input and output ports of the digital data is insulated by photoelectric switch . the output ports of digital data increases output power for enhancing driving capability
  3. Shanghai sonon automait system co . , ltd . is specialized in the production of promixity switches , photoelectric switches , solid state relays for the sensor and controller manufacturers . it is one of the country ' s largest oems
  4. This machine adopts a non - contact measurement method . all kinds of inspection devices such as photoelectric switch , laser measuring sensors and super voice wave measuring sensors etc are used in the measurement progress
  5. With single and double imported reflecting photoelectric switches , this machine can automatically correct the unevenness of the end face of various pringing and non - printing plastic films , wet glue tape and aluminium foil , etc . . and it is a kind of ideal auliliart equipment for packing products


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