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  • 毒箭
  • poison:    n. 1.毒;毒藥。 2.毒害;弊病 ...
  • arrow:    n. 1.矢,箭。 2.箭狀物,箭頭 ...
  • a poison arrow:    毒箭


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  1. Poisoned arrow : this arrow delivers the effects of the poison spell to a single target
    注毒箭:這種箭頭可以對單個目標施加poison (中毒)魔法的效果。
  2. Poison arrow master transformation skill for archers was bugged and was reducing hp by 100 % at level 1 . that was supposed to be 10 % and is now fixed
    毒箭術, 160級弓箭手的技能出現漏洞: 1級毒箭術可以減少被攻擊玩家/怪物的血100 % , (一招致命! ! !強啊。 ) ,原先預計1級毒箭術減血10 % ,現在已經修正回來了。
  3. Like her mother , linda , who pioneered vegetarianism , faced the wrath of beatles ' fans and smiled in the face of breast cancer , it will take more than the odd poison arrow to knock mccartney off kilter
  4. So far , the use of traditional weapons , including clubs and poisoned arrows , has caused the flight of several hundred thousand kenyans who belonged to ethnic minorities in their places of abode ? for instance , luos in central province and kikuyus in the west
    到目前為止,使用傳統武器(如棍棒與毒箭)的暴力事件讓好幾百的肯尼亞人逃離家園? ?這些人都是原住所的少數民族,比如居住在中部省份的盧奧人與居住在西部的基庫尤人。


    "Poison Arrow" is a New Wave single released and popularised by ABC in 1982 and also included on their 1982 debut album, The Lexicon of Love. It reached #6 on the UK singles chart, #4 in Australia and also was their first entry on the U.


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