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  1. It facilitates a system in which individuals may rent their privately owned vehicles on an hourly, daily or weekly basis to other registered users of the service.
  2. Authorities asked Iranians to use buses and other forms of public transport Wednesday in an effort to curb the harmful effects of pollution from privately owned vehicles.
  3. Two-way carshare vehicles like Modo remove between nine to 13 privately owned vehicles from the roads, with most individually owned cars sitting idle 95 % of their life.
  4. A "'dolmu _  "'( pronounced " DOLL-moosh " ) is a privately owned vehicles, normally with a capacity of 14 passengers, that runs on set routes within cities.
  5. For each day servicing a route using a privately owned vehicle, the USPS pays an " Equipment Maintenance Allowance " ( EMA ) in accordance with the applicable schedule.
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  7. As a co-operative business, Modo s mandate is to serve the needs of its members and community by reducing dependency on privately owned vehicles, by allowing more people to share fewer cars.
  8. This is due to the bus service being restricted to within the confines of the district of Nienburg, serving mainly school children, students and adults without the luxury of a privately owned vehicle.
  9. Including domestic and international travelers, fewer than 500 buses and privately owned vehicles pass through the community each month, though traffic has been increasing as of 2006 with more international shuttle van service.
  10. "' Courtesy lights "'are used to request right-of-way primarily by volunteer or call firefighters and emergency medical technicians ( EMTs ) to expedite their drive in their privately owned vehicles, to their firehouse or base.
  11. Also included is the movement of Air Force-sponsored passengers, patients, personal property ( household goods, unaccompanied baggage, privately owned vehicles, mobile homes and weapons ), and cargo by all modes of commercial and military carriers.
  12. "' Car Next Door "'is an Australian company that facilitates peer-to-peer car rental, a system by which individuals may rent privately owned vehicles on an hourly or daily basis to other registered users of the service.
  13. The fake cards were found in a privately owned vehicle during a routine roadside check in the border state of Apure, 560 kilometers ( 350 miles ) from Caracas, Gen . Rafael Dubront told the state-run Venpres news agency.
  14. Most of those who have access to a privately owned vehicle and intend to travel into Hanover, but aim to avoid congestion, tend to drive the 25 km south east to Bennem黨len, a town at the regional extremities of Hanover where lower train fares can be obtained.
  15. However, not having this infrastructure is not enough in and of itself to qualify an area for COLA . COLA also factors in local taxes, including taxes on such things as Privately Owned Vehicles for a specific duty location in calculating the cost of living in a particular area.
  16. An early, private sector mobile ANPR application has been applications for vehicle repossession and recovery ), although the application of ANPR by private companies to collect information from privately owned vehicles or collected from private property ( for example, driveways ) has become an issue of sensitivity and public debate.
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