resident adviser造句


  1. There is also Guy, the dorm's resident adviser.
  2. In addition, fraternities and sororities are required to have resident advisers.
  3. Elisa Donovan ), a party-all-the-time resident adviser.
  4. He works as a resident adviser, while also working towards a graduate degree.
  5. The university chooses resident advisers based on their grades and their leadership and communications skills.
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  7. The institute has 55 resident advisers in the field and sends 200 consultants abroad a year.
  8. In fact, the resident adviser in her dorm threw a knitting party during final exam week.
  9. That left it up to the Massachusetts Labor Relations Commission to determine whether the resident advisers were workers.
  10. There is one resident adviser per two suites, for a total of six advisers for those four buildings.
  11. After the attacks, dozens of students either called military recruiters or talked to resident advisers about joining the military.
  12. The commission ruled last month that the resident advisers were indeed employees and scheduled a unionization election for March 5.
  13. Upperclassmen resident advisers, as well as a few other upperclassmen, live in the traditionally freshman and sophomore halls.
  14. The university warns that if it gives resident advisers a raise it might have to increase housing fees for all students.
  15. A student resident adviser had asked three visitors to leave Boland Hall less than an hour before the fire broke out.
  16. Each fraternity had to give a bed to a resident adviser, meaning they had room to house 36 fewer pledges overall.
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