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  1. At Amherst College's more intimate campus across town, the resident advisers'system is more collegial, and there is no pressure to unionize.
  2. Cooper is a parole officer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice; Hayes is a resident adviser at Covenant House, an organization for runaways and street kids.
  3. MIT has also moved to place a resident adviser in all Greek houses and ensure its police will patrol fraternity and sorority houses across the Charles River in Boston.
  4. Now, university officials say there are no more prank fire alarms, and resident advisers say students who once slept through fire alarms never miss a fire drill.
  5. MIT began requiring first-year students to live on campus and brought in resident advisers for fraternities and sororities, five of whom voluntarily declared themselves alcohol-free.
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  7. The report also said that investigators were seeking three young men whom a resident adviser had asked to leave the building less than an hour before the fire broke out.
  8. Dana Christmas, a 21-year-old resident adviser from Paterson, remained in critical condition Sunday at University Hospital in Newark, according to a hospital spokeswoman.
  9. Ric, on the advice of his grandfather, Alf Stewart ( Ray Meagher ) follows her there and finds Andrew Lees ), the resident adviser in her bed.
  10. Not enough students take advantage of the college's resources, whether it's the resident adviser, a counselor or the dean's office, says Knable.
  11. Investigators are seeking information on three young men whom a resident adviser had asked to leave the building less than an hour before the fire broke out, the newspaper reported.
  12. Omar Soriano, a 1997 Seton Hall alumnus, said Thursday that 25 false fire alarms rang in Boland during one semester in 1994, when he was a resident adviser.
  13. A college student deliberately drove her car into a campus security office and pulled a knife on a resident adviser, who wrestled the knife from her, police said Friday.
  14. This doesn't bother that cuddly Noel ( Scott Foley ), the student resident adviser who finds Felicity adorable even though he's got a girl back in Chicago.
  15. In the mid-1970s I was a " tutor " ( precious term for resident adviser ) in a " house " ( dormitory ) at Harvard.
  16. Reforms include more training for resident advisers, peer training programs and an essay required of new applicants asking what " positive contributions " they will make on campus, Byyny said.
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