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  1. The secondary access point to the concourse level, just 40 m east from the main entrance, is closed to the public.
  2. To relieve crowding on the main access road during peak hours, a secondary access road was constructed, connecting the airport to Cabatuan proper through Barangay Duyan-Duyan.
  3. The college grounds are a large area with primary access via Ward Street ( which runs North-West to South-East ) and secondary access via Blockhouse Lane and Fortune Lane.
  4. Access rights are enforced by the principle of role based access control and other secondary access control measures such as NTFS filesystem permissions can also affect the resources that a user may access.
  5. While 55 percent said their primary access to the Web was at home, many of those who said their primary access was at work or school also had secondary access from the home.
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  7. Secondary access is provided by the RD 42 from the northwest, which joins the RN 88 at Barjac, and by the RD 25 which, passing through the, crosses before arriving at the Valdonnez.
  8. A secondary access point was located south from the Ampang Line station on the other side of " Jalan Tun Perak ", connected to the station's ticketing concourse via a long underground tunnel that passes underneath " Jalan Tun Perak ".
  9. Results were paced by " strong primary and secondary access line gains, high acceptance of vertical network services, and usage sensitive offerings for return call and repeat dial, " said Mike Fuller, president and chief operating officer of Sprint's local phone operations.
  10. At one point in history, LA 3017 provided a secondary access route to Plaquemines Parish south of Callendar Field, the middle part of Concord Road was removed; however, North Concord remains and is located near the Engineers Canal, and South Concord is located just north of the Oronite plant.
  11. Three major cross streets provide access to significant parts of Pullman : NE Stadium Way accesses the WSU campus, SW Bishop Boulevard serves south Pullman residential and commercial areas including Pullman Regional Hospital, and Pullman Airport Road connects the highway to Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport and provides secondary access to the WSU campus.
  12. Ptarmigan has undergone a number of upgrades since it came into service in 1982 . ( First delivery of Ptarmigan equipment was to 1 Armoured Division HQ and Signal Regiment in December 1984, and did not enter service until February / March 1985 ) These include the introduction of an Air Portable Secondary Access Node for 16 Air Assault Brigade, and the General Purpose Trunk Access Port software enhancement which provides interconnectivity to other nations'tactical communications systems.
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