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發音:   用"t shaped"造句
  • t形的
  • t:    中世紀羅馬數字的160。
  • shape:    n. 1.形狀;樣子;形態;外形;模 ...
  • shaped:    (面包)模的;模制的; 成型的; 丁 ...


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  1. This assistance frame is designed as t shape , which can be conveniently fixed onto the body of ordinary putter
  2. But to the large extent , this reform is only key - button - typed . and does n ' t shape an effective system
  3. As far as the t shape area rich in lipid exudation is concerned , even in autumn , a lot of oily skin produces endless lipid
  4. Apply the flexible structure pole and fix two flexible dustless roll at two ends of the top pole . 2 . t shape mop body can pull goods
  5. Each end of t shape pole fixes 4 protruding points which can be separately used for hanging clothes , pushing and pulling scroll door or getting things faraway
    “ t ”形橫桿部分兩端各設置有上下4個凸點,可以單獨作為掛衣叉推拉卷閘門或者高空遠處收取物品。


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